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  1. Jan Gullberg

    Jan Gullberg

    Science writer, surgeon, anesthesiologist

  2. Fayyazuddin



    Fayyazuddin or Fayyaz Uddin, HI (Urdu: فيا ض ا لدين) (born November 10, 1930), is a Pakistani theoretical physicist and an emeritus professor of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at National Centre for Physics and Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. He is a senior scientist at the National Center for Physics where his research is engaged to the fields of quantum mechanics, particle physics, and meson physics. He is a brother of physicist Riazuddin and the student of Abdus Salam. Along with Riazuddin, he has published numerous physics papers and has co-authored the Quantum Mechanics by Fayyazuddin and Riazuddin which was published in 2000.

  3. J. Michael Scott

    J. Michael Scott

    American biologist

  4. Hans Schindler Bellamy

    Hans Schindler Bellamy


    Hans Schindler Bellamy (1901 – 12 December 1982, poss. Vienna) was a researcher and author. His books investigate the work of Austrian cosmologist, Hans Hoerbiger and German selenographer, Philipp Fauth, whose now-defunct Cosmic Ice (Glacial Kosmogonie) Theory:

  5. David Vernon (writer)

    David Vernon (writer)

    Australian writer

  6. E L Young

    E L Young


    Emma L. Young is a science journalist and writer, who currently works in Sydney as the Editor for New Scientist magazine. She has the chance to find out about the latest science and technology because of this job, knowledge she uses in her novels.

  7. James Farquharson

    James Farquharson

    Scottish, Writer

  8. Annalee Newitz

    Annalee Newitz

    1 view
    American journalist

  9. John Hegarty

    John Hegarty

    1 view
    Irish, Physicist

  10. John Ellor Taylor

    John Ellor Taylor

    1 view
    British science writer

  11. Zia Mian

    Zia Mian

    1 view
    American, Scientist

  12. Kazuhiro Nakaya

    Kazuhiro Nakaya

    1 view
    Japanese scientist

  13. Michael Gross (science writer)

    Michael Gross (science writer)

    1 view

    Michael Gross (born 1963) is a science writer based at Oxford and an honorary research fellow at the School of Crystallography, Birkbeck, University of London.

  14. João Magueijo

    João Magueijo

    1 view
    Portuguese scientist

  15. Ralph W. Moss

    Ralph W. Moss

    1 view

    Ralph Walter Moss (born May 6, 1943) is an American author whose writings promote complementary and alternative cancer treatments. In 1974, he earned a PhD in Classics from Stanford University. Moss served as a science writer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the 1970s. He was fired in 1977 by Sloan-Kettering after publicly accusing the institution of suppressing information on laetrile, a now-discredited alternative cancer treatment. He has subsequently served on the advisory board of the Office of Alternative Medicine, and he markets "Moss Reports" promoting various forms of alternative medicine at a cost of several hundreds dollars per report.

  16. Jacques Pellegrin

    Jacques Pellegrin

    1 view

    Jacques Pellegrin (12 June 1873, Paris – 12 August 1944) was a French zoologist.

  17. Mike Alder

    Mike Alder

    1 view
    Australian, Writer

  18. Masao Kawai

    Masao Kawai

    1 view
    Japanese zoologist

  19. Rebecca W. Keller

    Rebecca W. Keller

    American, Writer

  20. Hans Ziegler

    Hans Ziegler

    Swiss physicist

  21. Abraham Brook

    Abraham Brook


    Abraham Brook (fl. 1789), was an English physicist.

  22. Olaf Holtedahl

    Olaf Holtedahl

    Norwegian, Scientist

  23. Pete Moore (writer and polymath)

    Pete Moore (writer and polymath)


  24. Karen C. Fox

    Karen C. Fox

    Science writer

  25. Peter Ružička

    Peter Ružička


    Peter Ruzicka (August 9, 1947 – October 5, 2003) was a Slovak computer scientist and mathematician who worked in the fields of distributed computing and computer networks. He was a Professor at the Comenius University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics working in several research areas of theoretical computer science throughout his long career.

Science writers
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