Carol Schneider & Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy and Carol Schneider

Andrew McCarthy and Carol Schneider  

Carol Schneider and Andrew McCarthy have divorced.

In 1999, McCarthy married his college sweetheart Carol Schneider 20 years after they first dated. He later stated his reasons for tracking her down after they had drifted apart: "I ran into someone who said they had seen Carol and her boyfriend a...

Key Dates
Married9th October, 1999
Divorced19th December, 2005
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Carol Schneider
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Carol Schneider
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HoneybeeOct 11, 2013

What is so great about this woman anyway that people have to trash Delores? From what I know Carol can only get a part through Andrew. As for a "career" she never had one. And Delores is not an actress, by the way.

lindsaySep 21, 2009

Heyyy, I can`t believe this one! Andrew Mc Cartney, my (ahum)highschoolsweetheart (in my teendreams anyway) married on the same date as me!! Ocean`s apart (I live in tiny Belgium with all the mighty tennisladies are from, yeahiii), but funny coincedence! Anyway, small chance anyone really will read this, but what it is worth is, it kept me smiling for quite a while. (no, i do NOT have a SAAAAAD live, ha-ha) byes, lindsay

deanne gilesSep 4, 2009

i hope he would figure it out and break up with delores and go back to carol schneider

rhonda hSep 1, 2009

i wonder what delores had that was close to carol`s career bring it on!!!!!!!!!

colleen wAug 30, 2009

was delores working for a living or living off of another man before she met andrew i`m curious cause alot of women do this if they can`t find work

Colleen WAug 28, 2009

iam currently getting nothing out of looking at him. your just wanting more of what you`ll never have because you have to work as hard as he did to get it ( to all the ladies that think their his.) Iam living around this guy that i knew for over 20 years i knew him and his mother and father he`s a farmer how can you say that Andrew is yours it doesn`t take and actor it takes some rich farmer he`s got over a million to match in the same boots as Andrew Mccarthy, before you say he`s yours think if you got anything to match

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