Arthur Housman

Arthur Housman
1889 - 1942

Arthur Housman  American Actor


Arthur Housman (October 10, 1889 – April 8, 1942) was an American actor in films during both the silent film era and the Golden Age of Hollywood....

First Name Arthur
Last Name Housman
Full Name at Birth Arthur Housman
Age 52 (age at death) years
Birthday 10th October, 1889
Birthplace New York City, New York, U.S.
Died 8th April, 1942
Place of Death Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Cause of Death Pneumonia
Zodiac Sign Libra
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Occupation Text comic
Occupation Actor
Year(s) Active 1912–1941
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Billy the Kid1941 Saloon Janitor (uncredited) Movie
Escort Girl1941 Al, the Drunk (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
Public Enemies1941 Drunk Movie
City for Conquest1940 Radio Listener (uncredited) Movie
Go West1940 Drunk in Saloon (uncredited) Movie
No Time for Comedy1940 Drunk Wanting Directions (uncredited) Movie
The Villain Still Pursued Her1940 Mr. McGillicuddy - Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Honeymoon Deferred1940 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Prairie Law1940 Smith - Drunken Voter (uncredited) Movie
Broadway Serenade1939 Jonathan (uncredited) Movie
The Flying Deuces1939 Drunk Legionnaire (uncredited) Movie
They Made Me a Criminal1939 Drunk Next to Grandma (uncredited) Movie
Blondie Brings Up Baby1939 Drunk (scenes deleted) Movie
Blondie Takes a Vacation1939 Drunk on Train (uncredited) Movie
Navy Secrets1939 Pickpocket - Posing as a Singing Drunk Movie
Sergeant Madden1939 Fan (scenes deleted) Movie
Stronger Than Desire1939 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
The Spirit of Culver1939 The Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Ex-Champ1939 Drunk In Barroom (uncredited) Movie
Hard to Get1938 Drunk on Subway (uncredited) Movie
Island in the Sky1938 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Man-Proof1938 Sourpuss with Capon (uncredited) Movie
Secrets of an Actress1938 Drunk Who Keeps Turning Off Lamp (uncredited) Movie
Where the West Begins1938 Beano, Jack's Cellmate Movie
Youth Takes a Fling1938 First Communist Movie
A Family Affair1937 Drunk Driver (uncredited) Movie
Double or Nothing1937 Drunk Movie
Love on Toast1937 The Drunk Movie
Merry Go Round of 19381937 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Step Lively, Jeeves!1937 Max Movie
The Grand Hooter1937 Lodge Brother (uncredited) Short Film
That's My Story!1937 Drunk Movie
When Love Is Young1937 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
After the Thin Man1936 Man Rehearsing Welcome Speech (uncredited) Movie
Our Relations1936 Drunk Movie
Riffraff1936 'Ratsy' Movie
Show Boat1936 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Little Miss Nobody1936 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Racing Blood1936 Legs Movie
Tough Guy1936 Percy Waring (uncredited) Movie
Wives Never Know1936 Snorter (uncredited) Movie
Mind Your Own Business1936 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
With Love and Kisses1936 Gilbert Holbrook (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
Am I Having Fun!1936 Mr. McGoogle (as Arthur Houseman) Short Film
Diamond Jim1935 Souse (uncredited) Movie
Public Hero #11935 Scottsdale Bar Drunk (uncredited) Movie
The Call of the Wild1935 Pete, the Drunk (uncredited) Movie
The Fixer Uppers1935 The Drunk Short Film
Here Comes Cookie1935 Drunk #1 (uncredited) Movie
Hold 'Em Yale1935 Movie
Paris in Spring1935 Interviewer Movie
The Fire-Trap1935 Neil - Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Two for Tonight1935 Warburton (uncredited) Movie
Woman Wanted1935 Art - Waiter at Party (uncredited) Movie
The Captain Hits the Ceiling1935 Cliff Short Film
Sing, Sister, Sing1935 Drunk (uncredited) Short Film
Treasure Blues1935 Sailor Movie
It Always Happens1935 Joe (as Arthur Houseman) Short Film
Bridal Bail1935 Drunk (uncredited) Short Film
Spring Tonic1935 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch1934 Dick Harris Movie
The Merry Widow1934 Drunken Man (uncredited) Movie
Punch Drunks1934 Fight Timekeeper (uncredited) Short Film
The Live Ghost1934 Drunken Sailor Short Film
365 Nights in Hollywood1934 Drunk Motorist (uncredited) Movie
Here Is My Heart1934 Drunken Waiter Movie
Kansas City Princess1934 Man Getting Manicure (uncredited) Movie
Success at Any Price1934 Cocktail Shaker (uncredited) Movie
La veuve joyeuse1934 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Babes in the Goods1934 The Drunk (as Arthur Houseman) Short Film
Benny, from Panama1934 Drunken, Irate Husband Movie
The Chases of Pimple Street1934 Mr. Housman (uncredited) Short Film
Done in Oil1934 Arthur Movie
Duke for a Day, A1934 Man in Next Apartment Movie
Gridiron Flash1934 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
I Believed in You1934 Jerry Hartman, a Drunk (uncredited) Movie
I Give My Love1934 Second Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Something Simple1934 Drunk Conventionaire Short Film
Elmer Steps Out1934 Short Film
She Done Him Wrong1933 Hungry Barfly (uncredited) Movie
Don't Bet on Love1933 One of Shelton's Hoods (uncredited) Movie
Her Bodyguard1933 Drunk Movie
Men Must Fight1933 Drunk on Ship (uncredited) Movie
The Constant Woman1933 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
The Way to Love1933 Drunk Being Photographed Movie
The Intruder1933 Reggie Wayne Movie
Good Housewrecking1933 Husband (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
No Marriage Ties1933 Chili, a Bartender (uncredited) Movie
Sing, Sinner, Sing1933 Jerry Movie
Wreckety Wrecks1933 Drunk (uncredited) Short Film
Daddy Knows Best1933 Sidney Brooks Short Film
Roadhouse Queen1933 Arthur Young - Attorney Short Film
Movie Crazy1932 Customer Who Didn't Order Rabbit Movie
The Greeks Had a Word for Them1932 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
Scram!1932 Drunk (as Arthur Houseman) Short Film
Hat Check Girl1932 A Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Merry-Go-Round1932 Archie (drunk) Movie
No More Orchids1932 Serge Movie
False Faces1932 Harold (uncredited) Movie
Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath1932 Movie
While Paris Sleeps1932 Movie
Bachelor Apartment1931 Tippler (uncredited) Movie
Five and Ten1931 Piggy (scenes deleted) Movie
Caught Plastered1931 1st Drunk Customer (uncredited) Movie
Night Life in Reno1931 Roy Carlton Movie
Help Wanted, Female1931 Soupy Short Film
Next Door Neighbors1931 Herman Andrews - Broker Short Film
Anybody's Blonde1931 Mulligan Movie
Twisted Tales1931 Movie
Feet First1930 Drunken Clubman Movie
The Girl of the Golden West1930 Sidney Dick Movie
Alias French Gertie1930 Bert aka Denver Red (uncredited) Movie
The Dear Slayer1930 Short Film
Officer O'Brien1930 Tony Zurik (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
Part Time Wife1930 Golf Spectator (uncredited) Movie
The Squealer1930 Mitter Davis Movie
Rolling Along1930 Short Film
Broadway1929 Dolph Movie
Queen of the Night Clubs1929 Andy Quinland Movie
Side Street1929 Henchman Silk Ruffo Movie
Times Square1929 Lon Roberts Movie
Fast Company1929 Barney Barlow Movie
Song of Love1929 Joe Sweeney, Acrobat Movie
Howling Hollywood1929 Movie
The Singing Fool1928 Blackie Joe Movie
Sins of the Fathers1928 The Count Movie
Fools for Luck1928 Charles Grogan Movie
Happiness Ahead1928 'Sandy' Coles Movie
Partners in Crime1928 Barton Movie
Hold Your Hat1928 The Neighbor Husband Movie
Rhythms of a Great City in Minor1928 Movie
Sunrise1927 The Obtrusive Gentleman Movie
Love Makes 'Em Wild1927 Charlie Austin Movie
Publicity Madness1927 Movie
Rough House Rosie1927 Kid Farrell Movie
The Spotlight1927 Ebbetts Movie
Rumors for Rent1927 Warren Short Film
Her Silent Wow1927 Movie
Just a Husband1927 Warren Movie
The Bat1926 Richard Fleming Movie
Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl1926 Salesman Movie
Early to Wed1926 Art Nevers Movie
The Midnight Kiss1926 Hector Spencer Movie
Whispering Wires1926 Casey Movie
Easy Payments1926 Short Film
Elsie in New York1926 Max - the Manager Short Film
The Family Picnic1926 Short Film
Two Lips in Holland1926 Short Film
Lickpenny Lover, A1926 Movie
Moving Day1926 Warren's Brother Movie
The Non-Stop Bride1926 Barney Short Film
Braveheart1925 Frank Nelson Movie
The Coast of Folly1925 Reporter Movie
The Desert's Price1925 Tom Martin (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
A Man Must Live1925 Tod Cragge Movie
The Necessary Evil1925 Pug Movie
Night Life of New York1925 Jerry Movie
Thunder Mountain1925 Joe Givens Movie
Manhandled1924 Chip Thorndyke Movie
Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model1924 Gangster Movie
The Masked Dancer1924 Movie
Under the Red Robe1923 Captain La Rolle Movie
Wife in Name Only1923 Victor Harwood Movie
Male Wanted1923 Movie
Destiny's Isle1922 Arthur Randall Movie
Man Wanted1922 Movie
Snitching Hour, The1922 Bunny (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
Why Announce Your Marriage?1922 Teddy Filbert Movie
Shadows of the Sea1922 Ralph Dean Movie
Love's Masquerade1922 Newspaper Reporter (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
The Prophet's Paradise1922 Kadir Movie
Is Life Worth Living?1921 Jimmy Colton Movie
Room and Board1921 Desmond Roach Movie
Worlds Apart1921 Harley Marshall Movie
The Way of a Maid1921 Jimmy Van Trent Movie
In at the Finish1921 Movie
The Fighter1921 Blacardo Movie
Nearly Spliced1921 Movie
The Flapper1920 Tom Morran - The Eel Movie
The Point of View1920 Dallas Henley (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
The County Fair1920 Bruce Hammerhead Movie
The Misleading Lady1920 Reporter (as Arthur Hausman) Movie
The Blooming Angel1920 Ramon Movie
A Fool and His Money1920 Count Tarnowsky Movie
The Road of Ambition1920 Monty Newcomb Movie
The Bondage of Barbara1919 Jack Newton Movie
End of the Road, The1919 Movie
Gay Lord Quex, The1919 Valma Movie
Toby's Bow1919 Bagby Movie
The Con in Economy1919 Short Film
All Woman1918 Dick Wellman Movie
Back to the Woods1918 Short Film
Back to the Woods1918 Bill Andrews Movie
Brown of Harvard1918 Happy (as Arthur Hausman) Movie
Under Suspicion1918 Red Hogan Movie
With Neatness and Dispatch1918 Burns Movie
Cloud, The1917 Edward Burton Movie
A Mother's Ordeal1917 Joseph Clark Movie
Persuasive Peggy1917 Percy Pipp (as Arthur Houseman) Movie
Red, White and Blue Blood1917 Movie
Her Good Name1917 Bert Tyler Movie
Gods of Fate, The1916 Kent Movie
Lash of Destiny, The1916 Al Wayne Movie
The Apaches of Paris1915 Tom Austin Movie
Pennington's Choice1915 Messenger (uncredited) Movie
Suspicious Characters1915 Bill, Jim's Hungry Pal Movie
Corporal's Daughter, The1915 Tom - a Government Scout Movie
It May Be You1915 Jack Kenwood Short Film
The Simp and the Sophomores1915 Tom Haze Short Film
All Cooked Up1915 Artie - Second Cook Movie
Champion Process Server, The1915 Champion - the Process Server Movie
Spiritual Elopement, A1915 Jack Newclothes Movie
Superfluous Baby, A1915 Darby Jones Movie
Secret of the Cellar, The1915 Tom Merriwell - the Policeman Movie
Rooney the Bride1915 Artie Boone Short Film
Hans and His Boss1915 Arty Movie
Chinks and Chickens1915 Artie - Second Farm Hand Movie
A Clean Sweep1915 Artie Short Film
Up in the Air1915 Artie Short Film
The Tailor's Bill1915 Short Film
Nearly a Scandal1915 Otto Short Film
A Sport of Circumstances1915 Movie
The Idle Rich1915 Artie - a Tramp Movie
Martha's Romeo1915 Artie Movie
His Sad Awakening1915 Nowerk Movie
Music in Flats1915 Artie Movie
Seen Through the Make-Up1915 Movie
Her Country Cousin1915 The Country Cousin Movie
Hypno and Trance1915 Trance Movie
One Way to Advertise1915 Movie
Seen from the Gallery1915 Movie
Found, a Flesh Reducer1915 The Reducing Expert Movie
Lodgings for Two1915 Phelps Movie
A Weighty Matter for a Detective1915 Mr. Splits Movie
Expensive Economy1915 Walter Jones Movie
The Beautiful Leading Lady1914 Darby Jenks Short Film
On the Lazy Line1914 Arty the Engineer Movie
A Story of Crime1914 Mr. Dorner Short Film
Wood B. Wedd Goes Snipe Hunting1914 Darby Jones Movie
Canine Rival, A1914 Darby Jenks Movie
A Village Scandal1914 Shrimp Short Film
Wood B. Wedd and the Microbes1914 Darby Jenks Short Film
Getting to the Ball Game1914 Mr. Meekley Short Film
Seth's Sweetheart1914 Harry, fresh from the city Movie
Matter of High Explosives, A1914 Movie
Courtship of the Cooks, The1914 2nd Cook Movie
Sultan and the Roller Skates, The1914 Sam Spaulding Movie
Buxom Country Lass, The1914 Darby Jenks Movie
Revengeful Servant Girl, The1914 Darby Jenks Movie
Something to Adore1914 Jim Ferris Movie
When the Men Left Town1914 Tom Carson Short Film
The Voice of Silence1914 Stephen Gaines Short Film
Love by the Pound1914 Darby Jenks Short Film
The Gilded Kidd1914 Harry Kidd aka The Gilded Kidd Movie
It's a Bear1914 Buskins Movie
Post No Bills1914 Will Stark - the Handsome Billposter Movie
Qualifying for Lena1914 The Detective Movie
The Basket Habit1914 Eddie Chance Movie
A Lady of Spirits1914 Darby Jenks Movie
In High Life1914 Darby Jenks Movie
The Vision in the Window1914 Darby Jenks Movie
Bill's Career as Butler1913 Mr. Melville - Newlywed Husband Movie
He Would Fix Things1913 Harold Short Film
The Long and Short of It1913 Scrappy Joe Short Film
Scenes of Other Days1913 Their Son Short Film
When the Right Man Comes Along1913 Arthur Royden Short Film
Widow's Suitors, The1913 Movie
Will of the People, The1913 Party Worker Movie
After the Welsh Rabbit1913 Harry Movie
Porgy's Bouquet1913 Movie
Rule Thyself1913 Her Brother Albert Movie
How They Got the Vote1913 The Magician's Assistant Movie
It Wasn't Poison After All1913 The Man with the Sore Throat Movie
By Mutual Agreement1913 The Hired Man Movie
The Office Boy's Birthday1913 Giccomo - a Fruit Seller Short Film
Power of Sleep, The1913 The Village Constable Movie
Superstitious Joe1913 Vulcan Auto Company Representative Movie
New Pupil, The1913 Jack Seymour Movie
Shower of Slippers, A1913 A Peddler Movie
Two Little Kittens1913 The Chauffeur Movie
Beau Brummel and His Bride1913 Beau Crummel Movie
Circumstances Make Heroes1913 WIllie - Mary's Choice Movie
The Younger Generation1913 John Boyd Short Film
Falling in Love with Inez1913 Inez's 2nd Suitor Short Film
The Two Merchants1913 Jeremiah Briggs - The 2nd Merchant Short Film
Twice Rescued1913 Easton Movie
For the Honor of the Force1913 Movie
Hornet's Nest, A1913 Movie
Red Old Hills of Georgia, The1913 Fred Bonsell Movie
A Reluctant Cinderella1913 Dick Evans Short Film
Saved by the Enemy1913 Movie
Slander's Tongue1913 Harry Pearsall Movie
Stolen Models, The1913 The Electric Light Man Movie
Substitute Stenographer, The1913 The Innocent Clerk Movie
Mr. Toots' Tooth1913 Mr. Toots Movie
Abbeville Court House, The1913 Capt. Ransom (unconfirmed) Movie
Thrifty Janitor, The1913 Mr. Blythe Movie
Her Face Was Her Fortune1913 Darby Jenks Movie
What Happened to Mary?1912 Principal Comedian Movie
How a Horseshoe Upset a Happy Family1912 Tim Flanagan - Horseshoe Target Short Film
When Joey Was on Time1912 Joey - the Office Boy Movie
Everything Comes to Him Who Waits1912 Waiter Short Film
Marjorie's Diamond Ring1912 3rd Plumber Movie
Queen for a Day, A1912 The Zulu Chief Movie
Old Fashioned Elopement, An1912 Movie
Thrilling Rescue by Uncle Mun, A1912 Movie
Mary in Stage Land1912 The Principal Comedian Short Film
Apple Pies1912 3rd Pie Eater Movie
Jim's Wife1912 2nd Drifter Movie
Uncle Mun and the Minister1912 Short Film
Two Knights in a Barroom1912 The Cobbler Movie
Jam Closet, The1912 The Ice-Man Movie
Saving the Game1912 Ed Hobart Movie
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