Bert Moorhouse

Bert Moorhouse
1894 - 1954

Bert Moorhouse  


First Name Bert
Last Name Moorhouse
Birthday 20th November, 1894
Died 26th January, 1954
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
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Crime Wave1954 Detective (uncredited) Movie
Dangerous Mission1954 Battaglia (uncredited) Movie
Destination Gobi1953 Capt. J.E. Mayberry (uncredited) Movie
Dream Wife1953 Attlow (uncredited) Movie
The Long, Long Trailer1953 Car Salesman (uncredited) Movie
I Was a Communist for the FBI1951 Sen. Gray (uncredited) Movie
Ace in the Hole1951 Josh Morgan (uncredited) Movie
Meet Me After the Show1951 Box Office Attendant (uncredited) Movie
Duchess of Idaho1950 Fred, the Lodge Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Key to the City1950 Mayor (uncredited) Movie
Nancy Goes to Rio1950 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Right Cross1950 Steam Bath Patron (uncredited) Movie
Sunset Blvd.1950 Gordon Cole (uncredited) Movie
The Big Hangover1950 Carl O. Oberman, B.P.E.& H. Associate (uncredited) Movie
The Secret Fury1950 Tom (uncredited) Movie
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show1950 Gen. Peterson TV Show
Gambling House1950 Mr. Douglas' Court Assistant (uncredited) Movie
Samson and Delilah1949 Spectator at Temple (uncredited) Movie
The Accused1949 Prosecutor (uncredited) Movie
A Foreign Affair1948 Transport Pilot (uncredited) Movie
A Southern Yankee1948 Capt. Jeffreys (scenes deleted) Movie
Good Sam1948 Minor Role (scenes deleted) Movie
He Walked by Night1948 Detective (uncredited) Movie
Homecoming1948 Surgeon (uncredited) Movie
I Walk Alone1948 Toll Booth Policeman Movie
Ruthless1948 Prescott (uncredited) Movie
State of the Union1948 Politician (uncredited) Movie
The Big Clock1948 Editor at Conference Table (uncredited) Movie
Up in Central Park1948 Democrat (uncredited) Movie
Words and Music1948 Backstage Well-Wisher Movie
Angel and the Badman1947 Gambler (uncredited) Movie
Copacabana1947 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Lady in the Lake1947 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Living in a Big Way1947 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Magic Town1947 Newspaper Man (uncredited) Movie
The Perils of Pauline1947 Kitchen Set Cameraman (uncredited) Movie
Unconquered1947 Virginia Militia Officer (uncredited) Movie
That's My Man1947 Bradford (uncredited) Movie
Because of Him1946 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Easy to Wed1946 Newspaper Office Worker (uncredited) Movie
It's a Wonderful Life1946 Man with Sheriff (uncredited) Movie
My Reputation1946 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Night and Day1946 Yale Alum of 1916 (uncredited) Movie
Nocturne1946 Movie Director (uncredited) Movie
Notorious1946 Diner Extra, Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
One More Tomorrow1946 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
That Brennan Girl1946 Movie
Till the Clouds Roll By1946 Elite Club Diner (uncredited) Movie
Undercurrent1946 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Faithful in My Fashion1946 Clerk (scenes deleted) Movie
Gay Blades1946 Casting Director (uncredited) Movie
Lady Luck1946 Billiard Player (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Ace1946 Election Vote Tallier on Telephone (uncredited) Movie
The Searching Wind1946 Restaurant Diner (uncredited) Movie
The Swindlers1946 Croupier (uncredited) Movie
The Great Morgan1946 Studio Executive (uncredited) Movie
One Exciting Week1946 Detective (uncredited) Movie
The Runaround1946 Detective Quillan (uncredited) Movie
Smooth as Silk1946 Detective Movie
George White's Scandals1945 White's Associate (uncredited) Movie
Her Highness and the Bellboy1945 Photographer (uncredited) Movie
Incendiary Blonde1945 Hotel Guest, Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
It's in the Bag!1945 Jeweler, Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
Lady on a Train1945 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Thrill of a Romance1945 Poolside Dance Floor Guest (uncredited) Movie
Along the Navajo Trail1945 Secretary (uncredited) Movie
Pardon My Past1945 Tie Salesman (uncredited) Movie
Shady Lady1945 Card Player (uncredited) Movie
Sing Your Way Home1945 Official in Montage (uncredited) Movie
Sunset in El Dorado1945 Croupier (uncredited) Movie
Behind City Lights1945 Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Hitchhike to Happiness1945 Publisher (uncredited) Movie
Address Unknown1944 Guest at Christening (uncredited) Movie
And the Angels Sing1944 Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
Hands Across the Border1944 Dancer (uncredited) Movie
Lake Placid Serenade1944 Photographer (uncredited) Movie
Marine Raiders1944 Transport Ship Captain (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Skeffington1944 Nightclub Extra (uncredited) Movie
Nevada1944 Sandy Bowers (uncredited) Movie
Pin Up Girl1944 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Step Lively1944 Second Hotel Clerk (uncredited) Movie
The Fighting Seabees1944 Extra at Dock (uncredited) Movie
The Master Race1944 Civilian in Food Line (uncredited) Movie
The Story of Dr. Wassell1944 Decoration Ceremony Attendee (uncredited) Movie
The Fighting Sullivans1944 Naval Officer at Boat Launching (uncredited) Movie
A Night of Adventure1944 Nightclub Patron, Reporter in Courtroom (uncredited) Movie
Heavenly Days1944 Sergeant-at-Arms (uncredited) Movie
Music in Manhattan1944 Backstage Photographer (uncredited) Movie
My Pal Wolf1944 Cop (scenes deleted) Movie
The Falcon in Hollywood1944 Beautiful Blonde's Husband (uncredited) Movie
The Falcon in Mexico1944 Detective Marks (uncredited) Movie
Main Street Today1944 Citizen at Town Meeting (uncredited) Short Film
Important Business1944 Doakes' Friend (uncredited) Short Film
Air Raid Wardens1943 Air Raid Warden Recruit (uncredited) Movie
Bombardier1943 Congressman (uncredited) Movie
Flight for Freedom1943 Nightclub Extra (uncredited) Movie
Government Girl1943 Businessman (uncredited) Movie
Heaven Can Wait1943 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Higher and Higher1943 Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
Jitterbugs1943 Third Henchman (uncredited) Movie
King of the Cowboys1943 Agent with Governor in Car (uncredited) Movie
Margin for Error1943 Roulette Croupier (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Lucky1943 Gambling Room Doorman (uncredited) Movie
Something to Shout About1943 Man in Audience (uncredited) Movie
Thank Your Lucky Stars1943 Audience Extra at Radio Show (uncredited) Movie
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday1943 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Constant Nymph1943 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Hard Way1943 Guest at Party (uncredited) Movie
The Iron Major1943 Dartmouth Alumnus (uncredited) Movie
The Mad Ghoul1943 Man in Audience (uncredited) Movie
The Meanest Man in the World1943 Client (uncredited) Movie
They Got Me Covered1943 Man at Café Moresque Bar (uncredited) Movie
Two Weeks to Live1943 FBI Agent (uncredited) Movie
Whistling in Brooklyn1943 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Gangway for Tomorrow1943 Chairman of the Board (uncredited) Movie
Gildersleeve on Broadway1943 Night Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
Mister Big1943 Theatrical Producer (uncredited) Movie
One Dangerous Night1943 Engagement Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Taxi, Mister1943 Customer at Burlesque House (uncredited) Movie
The Crystal Ball1943 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Man from Down Under1943 Ringsider (uncredited) Movie
The Powers Girl1943 Office Staff Member (uncredited) Movie
Is Everybody Happy? (1943 film)1943 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Ladies' Day1943 Fan Spectator in Stands (uncredited) Movie
Mountain Rhythm1943 Father (uncredited) Movie
Blue, White and Perfect1942 First Junior Officer Brooks (uncredited) Movie
Footlight Serenade1942 Nightclub Dance Extra, Audience Extra (uncredited) Movie
Here We Go Again1942 Nightclub Extra (uncredited) Movie
Holiday Inn1942 Cameraman on Film Set (uncredited) Movie
It Happened in Flatbush1942 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
My Favorite Blonde1942 Diner Patron (uncredited) Movie
My Favorite Spy1942 Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
Take a Letter, Darling1942 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Tales of Manhattan1942 Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) (uncredited) Movie
The Big Street1942 Waiter at Florida Nightclub (uncredited) Movie
The Falcon Takes Over1942 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
The Glass Key1942 Man at Campaign Headquarters (uncredited) Movie
The Palm Beach Story1942 Diner on Train (uncredited) Movie
To the Shores of Tripoli1942 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Yankee Doodle Dandy1942 Maurice Ruppe - Music Publisher (uncredited) Movie
A Gentleman at Heart1942 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Beyond the Blue Horizon1942 Photographer (uncredited) Movie
I Was Framed1942 Assistant District Attorney (uncredited) Movie
Over My Dead Body1942 Car Dealer in Montage (uncredited) Movie
Pacific Rendezvous1942 Decoding Room Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Sing Your Worries Away1942 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe1942 West Point Board Officer (uncredited) Movie
Two Mugs from Brooklyn1942 Onlooker (uncredited) Movie
Joan of Ozark1942 Drunk (uncredited) Movie
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob1941 Pedestrian (uncredited) Movie
Birth of the Blues1941 Cafe Diner (uncredited) Movie
Citizen Kane1941 Man at Xanadu Great Hall (uncredited) Movie
Dive Bomber1941 Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Dressed to Kill1941 The Joker (uncredited) Movie
It Started with Eve1941 Mr. Duncan - Middle-Aged Man (uncredited) Movie
Meet John Doe1941 Man at Stadium Rally (uncredited) Movie
Night of January 16th1941 Juror (uncredited) Movie
Play Girl1941 Lake Placid Lodge Guest (uncredited) Movie
Playmates1941 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Shadow of the Thin Man1941 Detective in Scully's Office (uncredited) Movie
Sullivan's Travels1941 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Tanks a Million1941 Radio Station Announcer (uncredited) Movie
The Feminine Touch1941 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Lady Eve1941 Diner on Ship (uncredited) Movie
The Monster and the Girl1941 Henchman (uncredited) Movie
The Saint in Palm Springs1941 Man at Golf Party (uncredited) Movie
Two-Faced Woman1941 Rhumba Dancer (uncredited) Movie
You Belong to Me1941 Man with Broken Arm at Ski Lodge (uncredited) Movie
Ziegfeld Girl1941 Palm Beach Casino Patron (uncredited) Movie
Blondie Goes Latin1941 Shipboard Extra (uncredited) Movie
Honeymoon for Three1941 Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
San Antonio Rose1941 Table Extra (uncredited) Movie
Sunny1941 Mr. Julian Duprez (uncredited) Movie
Unexpected Uncle1941 Kerrigan Shoes Executive (uncredited) Movie
Unholy Partners1941 Gambler (uncredited) Movie
Before I Hang1940 Cousel at Defense Table (uncredited) Movie
Broadway Melody of 19401940 Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
City for Conquest1940 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Dance, Girl, Dance1940 Jimmy's Friend in Nightclub (uncredited) Movie
Down Argentine Way1940 Nightclub Patron, Racetrack Stands Spectator (uncredited) Movie
Irene1940 Charity Ball Guest (uncredited) Movie
My Favorite Wife1940 Postponed Case Lawyer (uncredited) Movie
Rhythm on the River1940 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Fatal Hour1940 Card Player (uncredited) Movie
The Great Dictator1940 Hynkel's Staff Officer (uncredited) Movie
The Great McGinty1940 Saloon Extra (uncredited) Movie
The Great Profile1940 Audience Extra (uncredited) Movie
Turnabout1940 Photographer's Assistant (uncredited) Movie
Dulcy1940 Judge's Clerk (uncredited) Movie
He Married His Wife1940 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Junior G-Men1940 Elevator Operator [Ch. 1] (uncredited) Movie
Two Girls on Broadway1940 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
The Heckler1940 Man at Trophy Presentation (uncredited) Short Film
Charter Pilot1940 Thompson (uncredited) Movie
A Door Will Open1940 One of Sally's Friends (uncredited) Short Film
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk1940 Officer (uncredited) Movie
Pier 131940 Engagement Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Sailor's Lady1940 Paymaster (uncredited) Movie
The Golden Fleecing1940 Restaurant Customer (uncredited) Movie
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever1939 Bank Employee (uncredited) Movie
Bachelor Mother1939 Nightclub Dance Extra (uncredited) Movie
Broadway Serenade1939 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island1939 Audience Member (uncredited) Movie
Day-Time Wife1939 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Each Dawn I Die1939 Lawyer (uncredited) Movie
In Name Only1939 College Man Asking About Game (uncredited) Movie
Love Affair1939 Shipboard Passenger (uncredited) Movie
Midnight1939 Helene's Dance Partner at Flammarions' Party Movie
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation1939 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939 Man in Senate Building (uncredited) Movie
Second Fiddle1939 Patron at Earl Carroll's (uncredited) Movie
Swanee River1939 Attendant (uncredited) Movie
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt1939 Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
The Man They Could Not Hang1939 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Three Smart Girls Grow Up1939 Night Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
Dancing Co-Ed1939 Workman's Stooge (uncredited) Movie
Indianapolis Speedway1939 Nightclub Extra (uncredited) Movie
The Adventures of Jane Arden1939 Bermuda Tourist at Hotel (uncredited) Movie
The Kid from Kokomo1939 Second Fight Fan (uncredited) Movie
Wife, Husband and Friend1939 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
North of Shanghai1939 Undetermined Role (uncredited) Movie
Weather Wizards1939 Weather Balloon Launcher (uncredited) Short Film
Carefree1938 Country Club Member (uncredited) Movie
Garden of the Moon1938 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Next Time I Marry1938 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Test Pilot1938 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Three Blind Mice1938 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Trade Winds1938 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Vivacious Lady1938 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
Josette1938 Extra (uncredited) Movie
King of the Newsboys1938 Office Equipment Businessman (uncredited) Movie
Little Miss Roughneck1938 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Man-Proof1938 Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
The First Hundred Years1938 Dance Floor Extra (uncredited) Movie
There's Always a Woman1938 Skyline Club Dance Extra (uncredited) Movie
When G-Men Step In1938 Harry (uncredited) Movie
Wives Under Suspicion1938 Assistant District Attorney (uncredited) Movie
Woman Against Woman1938 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
One Wild Night1938 Bank Employee (uncredited) Movie
Wide Open Faces1938 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
A Day at the Races1937 Racetrack Spectator (uncredited) Movie
Between Two Women1937 Guest at Both Parties (uncredited) Movie
Café Metropole1937 Gambler (uncredited) Movie
Hollywood Hotel1937 Man at Orchid Room (uncredited) Movie
In Old Chicago1937 Opening Night Guest (uncredited) Movie
Midnight Court1937 Court Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Navy Blue and Gold1937 Officer at Bell Ringing Ceremony (uncredited) Movie
Saratoga1937 Horse Race Bit (uncredited) Movie
The Awful Truth1937 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
The Last Gangster1937 Hank - a Reporter (uncredited) Movie
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney1937 Man at Auction (uncredited) Movie
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry1937 Track Bettor (uncredited) Movie
Wells Fargo1937 White House Aide (uncredited) Movie
Life Begins with Love1937 Man (uncredited) Movie
Second Honeymoon1937 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Singing Marine1937 Chorus Boy in 'Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed' Number (uncredited) Movie
There Goes the Groom1937 Extra at Class Reunion (uncredited) Movie
Wake Up and Live1937 Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Movie
When's Your Birthday?1937 Nightclub Diner (uncredited) Movie
Girl Overboard1937 Ship Officer (uncredited) Movie
Fight for Your Lady1937 Wrestling Spectator (uncredited) Movie
Super-Sleuth1937 Cameraman (uncredited) Movie
Adventure in Manhattan1936 G-Man Jim (uncredited) Movie
Cain and Mabel1936 First Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Hollywood Boulevard1936 Night Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
Love Before Breakfast1936 Brokerage Clerk (uncredited) Movie
More Than a Secretary1936 Jones - Head of Art Department (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town1936 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
My Man Godfrey1936 Card Playing Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Riffraff1936 Chet - Fisherman (uncredited) Movie
Satan Met a Lady1936 Extra on Dance Floor (uncredited) Movie
Small Town Girl1936 Dance Extra (uncredited) Movie
Swing Time1936 Nightclub Diner (uncredited) Movie
Three Smart Girls1936 Extra in Restaurant (unconfirmed, uncredited) Movie
And So They Were Married1936 Extra on Dance Floor (uncredited) Movie
Public Enemy's Wife1936 G-Man (uncredited) Movie
Rose Bowl1936 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Song and Dance Man1936 Actor in Beer Parlor (uncredited) Movie
The Cowboy Star1936 Dinner Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Man Who Lived Twice1936 Carney (uncredited) Movie
All American Chump1936 Spectator at Bridge Tournament (uncredited) Movie
Career Woman1936 Reporter--Clarkdale (uncredited) Movie
Hideaway Girl1936 Cameraman Movie
The Law in Her Hands1936 Fourth Trial Spectator (uncredited) Movie
Pepper1936 City Slicker (uncredited) Movie
Wanted: Jane Turner1936 Agent with Window Shade (uncredited) Movie
Anna Karenina1935 Racetrack Spectator (uncredited) Movie
Bordertown1935 Club Patron (uncredited) Movie
Break of Hearts1935 Party Guest, Theatregoer (uncredited) Movie
Devil Dogs of the Air1935 Officer Reading Commendation (uncredited) Movie
Go Into Your Dance1935 Chorus Member - 'About a Quarter to Nine' Number (uncredited) Movie
Goin' to Town1935 Conceited Man (uncredited) Movie
Public Hero #11935 Federal Agent (uncredited) Movie
Reckless1935 Racetrack Spectator, Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
Rendezvous1935 2nd Lieutenant (uncredited) Movie
The Casino Murder Case1935 Casino Patron Extra (uncredited) Movie
The Gilded Lily1935 Nightclub Extra (uncredited) Movie
The Good Fairy1935 Stagedoor Johnny Movie
The Little Colonel1935 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Atlantic Adventure1935 Ship Passenger (uncredited) Movie
The Payoff1935 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Whipsaw1935 Reporter Movie
Woman Wanted1935 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Orchids to You1935 Operagoer (uncredited) Movie
Born to Be Bad1934 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Broadway Bill1934 Movie
Gambling Lady1934 Poker Dealer (uncredited) Movie
Imitation of Life1934 Man at Funeral (uncredited) Movie
Kid Millions1934 Ship's Passenger (uncredited) Movie
Palooka1934 Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
The Captain Hates the Sea1934 Movie
The Man with Two Faces1934 Taxi Driver Bringing Weston (uncredited) Movie
The Silver Streak1934 Man at Depot (uncredited) Movie
Wonder Bar1934 Joe (uncredited) Movie
A Modern Hero1934 Secretary (uncredited) Movie
Gentlemen Are Born1934 Intern (uncredited) Movie
Hi, Nellie!1934 Extra at Merry Go Round Club (uncredited) Movie
I've Got Your Number1934 District Attorney's Secretary (uncredited) Movie
Merry Wives of Reno1934 Tom's Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Defense Rests1934 Minor Role (uncredited) Movie
Upperworld1934 Court Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Return of the Terror1934 First Trooper Movie
Smarty1934 Court Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Air Hostess1933 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Blood Money1933 One of Charley's Henchmen (uncredited) Movie
Central Airport1933 Havana Pilot (uncredited) Movie
Gabriel Over the White House1933 White House Press Correspondent (uncredited) Movie
Murders in the Zoo1933 Apartment Desk Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Only Yesterday1933 Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Picture Snatcher1933 Reporter Witnessing Execution (uncredited) Movie
Stage Mother1933 Navy Officer (uncredited) Movie
The Mayor of Hell1933 Joe's Henchman Playing Cards (uncredited) Movie
Today We Live1933 Moorhouse, a Pilot (uncredited) Movie
Goldie Gets Along1933 Flynn's Clerk-Receptionist (uncredited) Movie
Hello, Everybody!1933 Casino Patron (uncredited) Movie
I Loved You Wednesday1933 Minor Role (uncredited) Movie
Men Must Fight1933 Pacificist Audience Member (uncredited) Movie
Blondie of the Follies1932 Speakeasy Patron, Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Call Her Savage1932 Extra at Party (uncredited) Movie
Grand Hotel1932 Hotel Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Dark Horse1932 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Crooner1932 Nightclub Dance Patron Movie
Lawyer Man1932 Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Rockabye1932 Speakeasy Patron (uncredited) Movie
The Sport Parade1932 Alumnus (uncredited) Movie
Two Against the World1932 Party Guest, Reporter (uncredited) Movie
You Said a Mouthful1932 Office Manager (uncredited) Movie
Daybreak1931 Gambler (uncredited) Movie
Peach-O-Reno1931 Law Office Employee (uncredited) Movie
Hook Line and Sinker1930 Gangster (uncredited) Movie
The Pay-Off1930 Spat (as Bert Moorehouse) Movie
Conspiracy1930 Victor Holt (uncredited) Movie
Tanned Legs1929 Joe (uncredited) Movie
The Delightful Rogue1929 Nielson (as Bert Moorehouse) Movie
The Girl from Woolworth's1929 Dave Movie
Woman I Love, The1929 Lois' Boyfriend (as Bert Moorehouse) Movie
Our Dancing Daughters1928 Diana's Party Friend (uncredited) Movie
The Cameraman1928 Randall (uncredited) Movie
Rough Ridin' Red1928 Sheriff Jerry Martin (as Bert Moorehouse) Movie
Hey Rube!1928 Moffatt (as Bert Moorehouse) Movie
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