Georgia Moffett & David Tennant

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett  

Georgia Moffett and David Tennant are married.

David and Georgia met on the set of the Doctor Who episode 'The Doctor's Daughter' in November 2007. She played his character's daughter. Around that same time David started dating BBC Wales staffer Bethan Britton, but that relationsh...

Key Dates
Engaged25th December, 2010
Married30th December, 2011
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Couple Comparison

Georgia Moffett
David Tennant
Georgia Moffett
David Tennant
Age (at start of relationship)
5' 1" (155 cm)
6' 1" (185 cm)
Hair Color
Dyed Blonde
Brown - Dark
Eye Color
Brown - Dark


Tyler Peter
Male27th March, 200214 years old
Female29th March, 20115 years old
Male2nd May, 20133 years old
FemaleNovember, 20156 months old

Comments on David Tennant and Georgia Moffett

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Lucille2013May 30, 2013

Well that's enigmatic, Ink. That's text book enigmatic.

InkMay 24, 2013

Yes she has. It hasn't been announced yet. If you know where to look you can find the source of where people are getting the news from though its not there anymore.

KhloeMay 17, 2013

The information Bout there newborn is incorrect as she has not give birth in 2013 yet...

thepinkgirlMar 23, 2012

Added Tyler to their children as a couple as officially and legally Ty is David's son.

thepinkgirlJan 5, 2012

Hmm so being married automatically means you are a numpty then, anon? Wow, you'd better tell everyone in the whole world who has ever married is a numpty then!!!

anonJan 3, 2012

to update this page they are now offically a pair of numpties

thepinkgirlJan 1, 2012

Officially married now going by the pictures taken yesterday of them walking down the street wearing wedding rings. Congratulations to them!

LilyDec 30, 2011

To update this page, they had a daughter at the end of March and now appear to have been married on Dec 30th.

thepinkgirlMar 14, 2011

To update this page: they are now engaged and expecting.

AmiableMay 9, 2010

And words have meaning or else chaos and anarchy reign. DT is a brilliant actor, not because he is the BEST - noone is the BEST. He`s brilliant because he uses his talent, his range, his intelligence, his sensitivity and his intuition. Georgia is not as talented and not brilliant at all, but her ability is more than adequate for the kind of roles she has done and will do. Many other female actors have less going for them than she has. In other words: in my world - words have meaning that is communicable without confusion.

AmiableApr 2, 2010

No, Lauren, in fact, I`m not wrong. But feel free to uphold the process of the destruction of meaning and usage, if you insist. Your inability to spell my name suggests that your standards of accuracy are low.

David fanMar 26, 2010

Apple, he has dated older women, his longest and iirc only live-in relationship to date was with an older woman (albeit not much older). Another previous girlfriend was a Pakistani actress. I agree with you it is more a matter of love than race. Even if he does fancy blondes, being attracted to certain physical characteristics doesn`t make someone racist or full of themself.

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