James Finlayson

James Finlayson
1887 - 1953

James Finlayson  Scottish Actor


James Henderson "Jimmy" Finlayson (27 August 1887 – 9 October 1953) was a Scottish actor who worked in both silent and sound comedies. Bald, with a fake moustache, Finlayson had many trademark comic mannerisms and is famous for his squintin...

First Name James
Middle Name Henderson
Last Name Finlayson
Full Name at Birth James Henderson Finlayson
Age 66 (age at death) years
Birthday 27th August, 1887
Birthplace Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Died 9th October, 1953
Place of Death Los Angeles, California, United States
Cause of Death Heart Attack
Height 5' 5" (165 cm)
Build Slim
Hair Color Bald
Distinctive Feature Bald, fake moustache, "slow burn,"
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Text Comedian
Occupation Actor
Claim to Fame The Laurel and Hardy movies
Year(s) Active 1910–1951
Friend Stephanie Insall
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Here Comes the Groom1951 Drunken Sailor, Wedding Guest (uncredited) Movie
Royal Wedding1951 Cabby (uncredited) Movie
Challenge to Lassie1949 Newspaper Reporter (uncredited) Movie
Hills of Home1948 Minor Role (uncredited) Movie
Julia Misbehaves1948 Bill Collector (uncredited) Movie
Grand Canyon Trail1948 Sheriff Movie
The Perils of Pauline1947 Comic Chef Movie
Thunder in the Valley1947 Court Judge (uncredited) Movie
She-Wolf of London1946 Constable With Hobbs and Latham (uncredited) Movie
Till the Clouds Roll By1946 Candy Vendor (uncredited) Movie
Two Sisters from Boston1946 Street Cleaner (uncredited) Movie
Yanks Ahoy1943 Cook Flynn (uncredited) Movie
To Be or Not to Be1942 Scottish Farmer with Mustache (uncredited) Movie
Nice Girl?1941 Loafer at Train Station (uncredited) Movie
One Night in Lisbon1941 Air Raid Warden (uncredited) Movie
New Wine1941 Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited) Movie
A Chump at Oxford1940 Baldy Vandevere (uncredited) Movie
Foreign Correspondent1940 Dutch Peasant (uncredited) Movie
Saps at Sea1940 Dr. J.H. Finlayson Movie
Hollywood Cavalcade1939 Keystone Cop Movie
Raffles1939 Hansom Cab Driver (uncredited) Movie
The Flying Deuces1939 Jailor Movie
The Great Victor Herbert1939 Lamplighter Movie
Dog-Gone1939 Mr. Jones Short Film
Block-Heads1938 Finn - Man on Stairs Movie
Carefree1938 Man at Golf Course (uncredited) Movie
False Roomers1938 Uncle Jim Movie
Angel1937 Barker's Second Butler (uncredited) Movie
The Toast of New York1937 Trick-Hat Inventor (uncredited) Movie
Way Out West1937 Mickey Finn Movie
Wise Girl1937 Jailer (uncredited) Movie
Pick a Star1937 Director Movie
This Way Please1937 Policeman (uncredited) Movie
All Over Town1937 MacDougal Movie
That's That1937 Mickey Finn Movie
Our Relations1936 Finn - The Chief Engineer Movie
The Bohemian Girl1936 Captain Finn Movie
Bonnie Scotland1935 Sgt. Maj. Finlayson Movie
Thicker Than Water1935 Auction Manager Short Film
Dick Turpin1935 Jeremy (as Jimmy Finlayson) Movie
Handle with Care1935 Jimmy Movie
Manhattan Monkey Business1935 Joyce's Father Movie
Who's Your Father1935 Movie
Life Hesitates at 401935 Dr. James Finlayson Short Film
Big Business1934 P.C. Movie
Father and Son1934 Bildad Movie
The Girl in Possession1934 Undetermined Role (uncredited) Movie
Nine Forty-Five1934 P.C. Doyle Movie
Trouble in Store1934 The Watchman Short Film
What Happened to Harkness?1934 Police Constable Gallun Movie
Oh No Doctor!1934 Axminster Movie
The Devil's Brother1933 Lord Rocburg Movie
Me and My Pal1933 Peter Cucumber Short Film
Mush and Milk1933 Mr. Brown, he Banker Short Film
So This Is Harris!1933 Golf Pro Short Film
His Silent Racket1933 James Finlayson Movie
Hokus Focus1933 Short Film
Nature in the Wrong1933 Voice of lion (uncredited) Short Film
Strictly in Confidence1933 Mac Movie
Thru Thin and Thicket; or, Who's Zoo in Africa1933 Backwash Short Film
The Druggist's Dilemma1933 Andrew Finch Short Film
The Gay Nighties1933 Mr. Amos Pipp Short Film
Pack Up Your Troubles1932 General Movie
The Chimp1932 Ringmaster (uncredited) Short Film
Thunder Below1932 Scotty Movie
Boy Oh Boy!1932 Saunders Short Film
Union Wages1932 Short Film
Lights Out1932 Short Film
Jitters the Butler1932 Phineas P. McPhinn Short Film
The Iceman's Ball1932 Commissioner Walters Short Film
The Millionaire Cat1932 Short Film
Zwei Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel1932 1 Short Movie
Pardon Us1931 Schoolteacher Movie
Chickens Come Home-1931 Butler (uncredited) Short Film
One Good Turn1931 A Community Player Short Film
Politiquerías1931 Criado Movie
Our Wife1931 Father of the Bride (uncredited) Short Film
Stout Hearts and Willing Hands1931 Kop (as the Original Keystone Kops) Short Film
The Hasty Marriage1931 Kitty's Father Short Film
A Melon-Drama1931 The Judge Short Film
Oh! Oh! Cleopatra1931 Short Film
One of the Smiths1931 Short Film
Trouble from Abroad1931 Jimmy Short Film
Beach Pajamas1931 Short Film
Scratch-As-Catch-Can1931 Short Film
False Roomers1931 Boarding House Owner Short Film
Not So Loud1931 Movie
June First1931 Sucker Short Film
Oh! Marry Me1931 Movie
Frozen Face1931 Movie
Clean-Up on the Curb, A1931 Streetcleaner Movie
Second Hand Kisses1931 Jimmy Finlayson Short Film
Feet First1930 Painter Movie
The Dawn Patrol1930 Field Sergeant Movie
Another Fine Mess1930 Colonel Wilburforce Buckshot (uncredited) Short Film
Night Owls1930 Meadows Short Film
For the Defense1930 Parrott Movie
Young Eagles1930 Scotty Movie
Dollar Dizzy1930 House Detective (uncredited) Short Film
Chercheuses d'or1930 Movie
Ladrones1930 Juan Short Film
El príncipe del dólar1930 Movie
Big Business1929 Homeowner (uncredited) Short Film
Liberty1929 Store Keeper Short Film
Men O'War1929 Soda Jerk Short Film
Wall Street1929 Andy (as Jimmy Finalyson) Movie
The Hoose-Gow1929 Governor (uncredited) Short Film
Hard to Get1929 Pa Martin (as Jimmy Finlayson) Movie
Two Weeks Off1929 Pa Weaver Movie
Fast Freight1929 Spooky Wall Painting Short Film
Puckered Success1929 Short Film
Show Girl1928 Mr. Dugan Movie
Flying Elephants1928 Saxophonus Short Film
Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath1928 Pa Slocum Movie
Should Tall Men Marry?1928 Joe Skittle (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
Bachelor's Paradise1928 Pat Malone (as Jimmy Finlayson) Movie
Lady Be Good1928 Trelawney West Movie
Galloping Ghosts1928 Police Commissioner Short Film
Old Wives Who Knew1928 Movie
Do Detectives Think?1927 Judge Foozle Short Film
Hats Off1927 Proprietor, Kwickway Washing Machine Co. Short Film
Sugar Daddies1927 Oil Tycoon Cyrus Brittle Short Film
The Second 100 Years1927 Governor Browne Van Dyke Short Film
Call of the Cuckoo1927 Asylum Inmate Short Film
Love 'Em and Weep1927 Titus Tillsbury (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
With Love and Hisses1927 Captain Bustle Short Film
Anything Once!1927 Mabel's Boss Short Film
The Honorable Mr. Buggs1927 Short Film
No Man's Law1927 Jack Belcher Movie
One Hour Married1927 Short Film
Don't Tell Everything1927 Lawyer Goldblum Short Film
Seeing the World1927 James Finlayson, teacher Short Film
Forgotten Sweeties1927 Short Film
Fighting Fathers1927 Movie
Madame Mystery1926 Struggling Author Short Film
The Nickel-Hopper1926 Resident of 625 Park St. (uncredited) Short Film
Thundering Fleas1926 Justice of the Peace Short Film
Raggedy Rose1926 Simpson Sniffle Short Film
Wife Tamers1926 The Waiter Short Film
The Merry Widower1926 The Hunter Short Film
Never Too Old1926 The Butler Short Film
Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes1926 Dean of Pinkham University Short Film
Should Husbands Pay?1926 Mr. Krum, a Reformer Movie
Dizzy Daddies1926 Jonathan Haig Short Film
Don Key (Son of Burro)1926 Vivien's Suitor Movie
What's the World Coming To?1926 The Father-in-Law Short Film
Your Husband's Past1926 Movie
Ukulele Sheiks1926 Short Film
Punch in the Nose, A1926 Movie
Yes, Yes, Nanette1925 Hillory, the New Husband (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
The Caretaker's Daughter1925 The Prohibition Sleuth (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
The Haunted Honeymoon1925 Short Film
Innocent Husbands1925 The Desk Clerk (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
Mary, Queen of Tots1925 Radio Station Actor Short Film
Welcome Home1925 Undetermined Role Movie
Moonlight and Noses1925 Professor Sniff (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
Unfriendly Enemies1925 The Cameraman Short Film
Flaming Flappers1925 Short Film
Hard Boiled1925 Short Film
Tell It to a Policeman1925 Movie
Official Officers1925 Angry Motorist Short Film
Chasing the Chaser1925 Gilroy (the husband) (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
Sure-Mike!1925 The Floorwalker Short Film
Thundering Landlords1925 The Landlord Short Film
Madame Sans Jane1925 Short Film
Are Husbands Human?1925 Movie
Are Husbands Necessary?1925 Movie
Change the Needle1925 Short Film
Cuckoo Love1925 Short Film
In the Grease1925 Father (as Jimmie Finlayson) Short Film
Rupert of Hee Haw1924 Rupert of Hee Haw Short Film
Wide Open Spaces1924 Jack McQueen Short Film
Brothers Under the Chin1924 Short Film
Near Dublin1924 Brick merchant Sir Patrick Short Film
Postage Due1924 Postal Inspector Short Film
Short Kilts1924 McGregor's Son Short Film
Smithy1924 Sergeant Short Film
Zeb vs. Paprika1924 Maj.Glanders Botts - His Trainer Short Film
Why Husbands Go Mad1924 Movie
Our Congressman1924 Dinner Party Guest (uncredited) Movie
Are Blonde Men Bashful?1924 Movie
Before Taking1924 Movie
Hot Heels1924 Short Film
Oranges and Lemons1923 Worker (uncredited) Short Film
Roughest Africa1923 Lt. Hans Downe (Little Boss) Short Film
The Soilers1923 Smacknamara Short Film
Frozen Hearts1923 General Sappovitch Short Film
A Man About Town1923 Humko, Store Detective Movie
Mother's Joy1923 Baron Buttontop Short Film
The Noon Whistle1923 O'Hallahan, the foreman Short Film
Pick and Shovel1923 The foreman Short Film
Pitfalls of a Big City1923 The Hired Man Short Film
Scorching Sands1923 James Short Film
White Wings1923 Dental patient Short Film
The Whole Truth1923 Defense lawyer Short Film
Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening?1923 The Hired Man Short Film
Courtship of Miles Sandwich1923 Miles Sandwich Short Film
Mystery Man, The1923 Movie
Sold at Auction1923 The Man Who WAS Sold Movie
Jack Frost1923 Wicked Man from the Wicked City Short Film
California or Bust1923 Campground neighbor Short Film
Fully Insured1923 The Foreman Movie
Walkout, The1923 Agitator Movie
Jus' Passin' Through1923 Drunk (uncredited) Short Film
Tough Winter, A1923 Movie
Before the Public1923 Movie
Bright Eyes1922 Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Short Film
The Crossroads of New York1922 Lawyer Movie
Gymnasium Jim1922 Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Movie
Home Made Movies1922 The 1st Theatre Operator Short Film
Ma and Pa1922 The Boarder Short Film
When Summer Comes1922 Undetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Short Film
One Horse Town1922 2nd Crook Movie
The Wise Duck1922 Short Film
Please Be Careful1922 Movie
Newly Rich1922 Movie
Made in the Kitchen1921 Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Short Film
Home Talent1921 Stranded Actor Movie
Love's Outcast1921 The Private Detective Short Film
She Sighed by the Seaside1921 1st Suitor Short Film
Hard Knocks and Love Taps1921 Plato's Rival Movie
Unhappy Finish, The1921 Burly Woman's Husband Movie
A Small Town Hero1921 J. Wellington Jones Movie
Married Life1920 Man Who Made Good Movie
Don't Weaken!1920 Lightfingered Luke - Professor Yonson's Assistant Movie
Down on the Farm1920 The Sportive Banker with the Mortgage Movie
Love, Honor and Behave!1920 Artist (as Jim Finlayson) Movie
My Goodness1920 Undetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Movie
Bungalow Troubles1920 Undetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited) Short Film
You Wouldn't Believe It1920 The Sweetheart Movie
Gee Whiz1920 The Lawyer Movie
Great Scott!1920 Short Film
By Golly!1920 One of the Husband's Buddies (uncredited) Movie
Yankee Doodle in Berlin1919 Commander's Officer (uncredited) Movie
The Speakeasy1919 The Judge Short Film
East Lynne with Variations1919 Drunk in the Balcony (uncredited) Short Film
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin1919 Stage Door Johnnie Short Film
The Dentist1919 The Real Estate Man Short Film
Love's False Faces1919 The Landlady's Husband Movie
Never Too Old1919 The Janitor, The Baker Short Film
Up in Alf's Place1919 The Dancing Instructor Short Film
Foolish Age, The1919 The Blacksmith's Partner Movie
Trying to Get Along1919 The Beauty Parlor Operator Short Film
The Village Smithy1919 The Blacksmith's Assistant Short Film
Treating 'Em Rough1919 Undetermined Secondary Role Short Film
Hey, Doctor!1918 Short Film
In Dutch1918 Short Film
Oh, Baby!1918 Movie
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