John Elliott

John Elliott
1876 - 1956

John Elliott  


John Elliot was a prolific American actor who appeared on Broadway and in over 300 films during his lengthy career. He worked sporadically during the silent film era, but with the advent of sound his career took off, where he worked constantly for 25...

First Name John
Last Name Elliott
Age 80 (age at death) years
Birthday 5th July, 1876
Died 12th December, 1956
Height 5' 11" (180 cm)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Occupation Text Actor
Year(s) Active 1917–56
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Perils of the Wilderness1956 Homer Lynch Movie
The Marrying Kind1952 Minister (uncredited) Movie
Atom Man vs. Superman1950 Council Member (stock footage) [Ch. 7] (uncredited) Movie
The Arizona Cowboy1950 Ace Allen Movie
Flaxy Martin1949 Judge Edward R. McVey (uncredited) Movie
Homicide1949 Doctor (uncredited) Movie
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes1948 Mr. Lake - Tom's Lawyer (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Letter from an Unknown Woman1948 Flower Vendor (uncredited) Movie
The Babe Ruth Story1948 Conductor (scenes deleted) Movie
The Countess of Monte Cristo1948 Innkeeper (uncredited) Movie
Angels' Alley1948 Magistrate E.J. Saunders (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Smart Woman1948 Harker (uncredited) Movie
Smoky Mountain Melody1948 Englesby Movie
Cry Wolf1947 Clergyman (voice, uncredited) Movie
Heading for Heaven1947 William W. Hunter Movie
Nora Prentiss1947 Chaplain (scenes deleted) Movie
Shoot to Kill1947 Judge (uncredited) Movie
The Lady from Shanghai1947 Court Clerk (uncredited) Movie
The Unfaithful1947 Judge Edward R. McVey (uncredited) Movie
The Woman on the Beach1947 Old Workman (uncredited) Movie
Law of the Lash1947 Dad Hilton Movie
News Hounds1947 Judge (as John H. Elliott) Movie
The Pretender1947 Justice of the Peace (uncredited) Movie
The Fighting Vigilantes1947 Bert Movie
Lighthouse1947 Justice of the Peace (uncredited) Movie
Millie's Daughter1947 Butler (uncredited) Movie
Badman's Territory1946 Brother Hooker (uncredited) Movie
Deadline at Dawn1946 Sleepy Man (uncredited) Movie
The Dark Corner1946 Laundry Proprietor (uncredited) Movie
The Devil's Mask1946 John the Butler (uncredited) Movie
Frontier Gunlaw1946 Pop Evans Movie
Moon Over Montana1946 Judge (uncredited) Movie
One Way to Love1946 Butler (uncredited) Movie
Hollywood and Vine1945 Judge (uncredited) Movie
The Great Flamarion1945 Theatrical Agent Movie
Escape in the Fog1945 Thomas the Butler (uncredited) Movie
The Monster and the Ape1945 Prof. Marsden (uncredited) Movie
Allotment Wives1945 Police Doctor Movie
Eadie Was a Lady1945 Butler (uncredited) Movie
Jungle Raiders1945 Dr. Horace Moore (uncredited) Movie
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service1944 George Melton Movie
Experiment Perilous1944 Phone Operator (uncredited) Movie
Home in Indiana1944 Man Seated Left of J.T. in Bar (uncredited) Movie
Marine Raiders1944 Admiral (uncredited) Movie
Mr. Winkle Goes to War1944 Walker (uncredited) Movie
The Heavenly Body1944 Prof. Collier (uncredited) Movie
Bowery to Broadway1944 Reformer (uncredited) Movie
Dead Man's Eyes1944 Travers the Butler (uncredited) Movie
Fuzzy Settles Down1944 John Martin (Newspaper Editor) Movie
Heavenly Days1944 An Average Citizen (uncredited) Movie
Marshal of Gunsmoke1944 Judge Brown (uncredited) Movie
Oklahoma Raiders1944 Judge Clem Masters Movie
Valley of Vengeance1944 Dan Stewart (uncredited) Movie
Spook Town1944 Settler (uncredited) Movie
Wild Horse Phantom1944 Prison Warden Movie
Corvette K-2251943 Merchant Captain (uncredited) Movie
Adventures of the Flying Cadets1943 The General [Ch. 13] (uncredited) Movie
Calling Dr. Death1943 Priest Movie
Cattle Stampede1943 Dr. George Arnold Movie
Death Rides the Plains1943 James Marshall Movie
First Comes Courage1943 Norwegian Patient (uncredited) Movie
Isle of Forgotten Sins1943 Officer in Boat (uncredited) Movie
Jive Junction1943 Mr. Berger (uncredited) Movie
My Kingdom for a Cook1943 Janitor (uncredited) Movie
Two Fisted Justice1943 Uncle Will Hodgins Movie
Wolves of the Range1943 Doctor Lewis (uncredited) Movie
You Can't Beat the Law1943 Guard (uncredited) Movie
Sagebrush Law1943 Cole Winters (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Fighting Valley1943 Frank Burke Movie
Raiders of San Joaquin1943 R.R. Vice President Morgan Movie
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground1943 Inspector Talbot Movie
You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith1943 Lawyer (uncredited) Movie
Law of the Saddle1943 Dan Kirby Movie
The Mad Monster1942 Prof. Hatfield Movie
The Magnificent Ambersons1942 Guest (uncredited) Movie
The Spoilers1942 Engineer Kelly (uncredited) Movie
Captain Midnight1942 Police Chief [Chs. 11, 15] (uncredited) Movie
Land of the Open Range1942 George 'Dad' Cook Movie
Overland Stagecoach1942 Jeff Clark Movie
Pirates of the Prairie1942 John Spencer (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Raiders of the West1942 Joseph Rand (uncredited) Movie
Rock River Renegades1942 Dick Ross (editor, Rock River Advocate) Movie
The Secret Code1942 Prof. Clyde [Chs.1,4 Movie
Come on Danger1942 Saunders Movie
Border Roundup1942 Jeff Sloane Movie
Perils of the Royal Mounted1942 Factor J. L. Blake Movie
Rolling Down the Great Divide1942 Lem Bartlett Movie
That Other Woman1942 Empire House Boarder (uncredited) Movie
Red River Robin Hood1942 Mr. Brady (uncredited) Movie
The Men in Her Life1941 Andrew, Gibson's Butler (uncredited) Movie
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe1941 Red Gap Judge (uncredited) Movie
Golden Hoofs1941 Race Announcer (uncredited) Movie
Law of the Timber1941 Sheriff (uncredited) Movie
Marry the Bo$$'$ Daughter1941 Cynical Passerby (uncredited) Movie
Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona1941 Judge Jones Movie
Underground Rustlers1941 Gold Broker (uncredited) Movie
The Apache Kid1941 Judge John Taylor Movie
Billy the Kid's Round-up1941 Editor Dan Webster (as John Webster) Movie
Gentleman from Dixie1941 Prosecutor Movie
The Kid's Last Ride1941 Disher Movie
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury1941 Rancher Jim Bowen Movie
Private Nurse1941 Clerk (uncredited) Movie
Ride, Kelly, Ride1941 Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Riot Squad1941 Desk Sergeant (uncredited) Movie
The Texas Marshal1941 John Gorham Movie
Saddle Mountain Roundup1941 'Magpie' Harper Movie
American History: Our Constitution1941 Benjamin Franklin Movie
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe1940 Scientist (uncredited) Movie
The Great Profile1940 Pop - Stage Doorman (uncredited) Movie
The Green Archer1940 Brewster (uncredited) Movie
Young as You Feel1940 Ambulance doctor (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Young Bill Hickok1940 Army Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Covered Wagon Trails1940 Rancher Beaumont Movie
Gun Code1940 Parson A. Hammond Movie
Lightning Strikes West1940 Dr. Jenkins Movie
Lone Star Raiders1940 Dad Cameron Movie
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk1940 Juror (uncredited) Movie
Phantom Rancher1940 Dad Markham Movie
The Tulsa Kid1940 Judge Perkins Movie
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island1939 Doctor - Backstage (uncredited) Movie
Jesse James1939 Judge Mathews Movie
New Frontier1939 Townsman (uncredited) Movie
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell1939 Banker at Demo (uncredited) Movie
Death Rides the Range1939 Hiram Crabtree Movie
Mystery Plane1939 Army Colonel Movie
The Invisible Killer1939 Gambler (uncredited) Movie
The Fighting Renegade1939 Prospector (as John Elliot) Movie
Mesquite Buckaroo1939 Tavern Owner Hawk Movie
Port of Hate1939 Stevens Movie
Trigger Fingers1939 Jim Bolton (as John Elliot) Movie
Thou Shalt Not Kill1939 Prison Guard (uncredited) Movie
Old Hickory1939 Elderly Jackson Supporter (uncredited) Short Film
Sales Slips1939 Short Film
Kentucky1938 Cal (uncredited) Movie
Prison Break1938 Parole Board Member (uncredited) Movie
Santa Fe Stampede1938 Townsman (uncredited) Movie
Cassidy of Bar 201938 Tom Dillon Movie
Heart of Arizona1938 Buck Peters Movie
Hold That Co-ed1938 Legislator (uncredited) Movie
Frontier Town1938 Prairie City Rodeo Announcer (uncredited) Movie
Keep Smiling1938 Spence (uncredited) Movie
Songs and Saddles1938 Sheriff John Lawton Movie
Hunted Men1938 Chief of Detectives (uncredited) Movie
Love Is on the Air1937 Mr. Grant McKenzie (uncredited) Movie
The Shadow Strikes1937 Chester Randall (uncredited) Movie
Blake of Scotland Yard1937 Landlord and League Representive [Chs. 11-13] (uncredited) Movie
Flying Fists1937 Jim Conrad Movie
Submarine D-11937 Father on Pier (uncredited) Movie
Headin' East1937 M.H. Benson Movie
Smoke Tree Range1937 Jim Cary Movie
Santa Fe Rides1937 Carlton Movie
Ambush Valley1936 Bob Morgan Movie
Hearts Divided1936 James Monroe Movie
Satan Met a Lady1936 City Fathers Committee Member (uncredited) Movie
The Rogues' Tavern1936 Mr. Jamison Movie
Too Much Beef1936 Cattlemen's Association Chief (uncredited) Movie
A Face in the Fog1936 Detective Davis Movie
Avenging Waters1936 Charles Mortimer Movie
Death in the Air1936 Dr. Norris Movie
Doughnuts and Society1936 Sanders (uncredited) Movie
Frontier Justice1936 Ben Livesay Movie
Heart of the West1936 Judge (uncredited) Movie
Prison Shadows1936 The Police Captain Movie
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo1936 Colonel Hayden Movie
Roamin' Wild1936 Chief Inspector Reed Movie
Roarin' Guns1936 Bob Morgan Movie
Shadow of Chinatown1936 Ship's Captain [Chs. 8-10] (uncredited) Movie
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand1936 Attorney Arthur J. White (uncredited) Movie
The Crime of Dr. Forbes1936 Faculty Doctor (uncredited) Movie
The Phantom of the Range1936 Rancher Movie
Trail Dust1936 John Clark Movie
What Becomes of the Children?1936 Doctor Movie
The Black Coin1936 SeƱor Ortega [Chs. 8-9] (uncredited) Movie
The Fugitive Sheriff1936 Judge Roberts Movie
Kelly of the Secret Service1936 Howard Walsh Movie
Legion of Terror1936 Postmaster (uncredited) Movie
Men of the Plains1936 Dad Baxter Movie
The Millionaire Kid1936 Yellerton Movie
Ridin' On1936 Jess Roarke Movie
Snowed Under1936 First Actor (scenes deleted) Movie
Times Square Playboy1936 Sam, Chairman of the Board of Directors (uncredited) Movie
Rio Grande Ranger1936 John Cullen (as John Elliot) Movie
Vengeance of Rannah1936 Doc Adams Movie
Frisco Kid1935 Doctor Attending Ford (uncredited) Movie
Shadows of the Orient1935 Police Chief W.P. Graves (uncredited) Movie
Skull and Crown1935 John Norton Movie
Big Calibre1935 Rusty Hicks Movie
Bulldog Courage1935 Judge Charley Miller (as John Elliot) Movie
Captured in Chinatown1935 Butler--City Editor Movie
Danger Ahead1935 Captain Matthews Movie
Life Returns1935 Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Midnight Phantom1935 Capt. Bill Withers Movie
Rainbow's End1935 Adam Ware Movie
Sunset Range1935 Dan Caswell Movie
The Drunkard1935 Third Drunk Movie
Trails of the Wild1935 Tom Madison Movie
Unconquered Bandit1935 Mr. Morgan, Tom's Father Movie
Vagabond Lady1935 Poolside Master of Ceremonies (uncredited) Movie
Wagon Trail1935 Judge Movie
One in a Million1935 Store Manager Movie
Cappy Ricks Returns1935 Neighbor (uncredited) Movie
Danger Trails1935 George Wilson aka Pecos Movie
Fighting Pioneers1935 Major Dent (as John Elliot) Movie
The Girl Who Came Back1935 Police Captain (uncredited) Movie
Kid Courageous1935 High-Hat Clickett Movie
Lawless Border1935 Border Patrol chief Movie
Make a Million1935 Dean Movie
A Night at the Ritz1935 Director (uncredited) Movie
Red Hot Tires1935 Governor (uncredited) Movie
The Rider of the Law1935 Town Mayor Movie
Tombstone Terror1935 Mr. Dixon Movie
What Price Crime?1935 Chief Radcliff Movie
Bars of Hate1935 The Sheriff Movie
Saddle Aces1935 The Judge (as John Elliot) Movie
Toll of the Desert1935 Judge Movie
Trigger Tom1935 Nord Jergensen Movie
A Lost Lady1934 Bridge Player (uncredited) Movie
Operator 131934 General Robert E. Lee Movie
Carolina1934 Gen. Robert E. Lee Movie
Cowboy Holiday1934 Sheriff Hank Simpson Movie
Fifteen Wives1934 Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Gentlemen Are Born1934 Bill - Night Editor (uncredited) Movie
Green Eyes1934 Chemist (uncredited) Movie
I Sell Anything1934 Lawyer (uncredited) Movie
Looking for Trouble1934 Fire Chief (uncredited) Movie
Mystery Ranch1934 Dad Morris (uncredited) Movie
Side Streets1934 The Judge (uncredited) Movie
The Key1934 Padre (uncredited) Movie
The Murder in the Museum1934 Detective Chief Snell (as John Elliot) Movie
The Quitter1934 Advertiser (uncredited) Movie
The Third Sex1934 John Grant Movie
Upperworld1934 Crandall (scenes deleted) Movie
Ticket to a Crime1934 Mr. Davidson Movie
A Woman's Man1934 Minor Role (uncredited) Movie
I Can't Escape1934 Mr. Douglas (uncredited) Short Film
As the Earth Turns1934 Country Doctor (uncredited) Movie
Baby Face1933 Bank Director (uncredited) Movie
Deluge1933 Preacher (uncredited) Movie
Sons of the Desert1933 Exalted Exhausted Ruler (uncredited) Movie
Stage Mother1933 Politician (uncredited) Movie
The World Changes1933 A banker Movie
Riot Squad1933 Chief of Detectives (uncredited) Movie
Breed of the Border1933 Judge Stafford Movie
The Gallant Fool1933 Chris McDonald Movie
Hold the Press1933 Prison Warden (uncredited) Movie
Call Her Savage1932 Hank (uncredited) Movie
Shopworn1932 Judge (uncredited) Movie
The Match King1932 Minor Role (uncredited) Movie
Broadway to Cheyenne1932 Martin Kildare Movie
Hidden Valley1932 Judge Movie
The Night of June 13th1932 Real Estate Agent (uncredited) Movie
The Trial of Vivienne Ware1932 Police Captain (uncredited) Movie
Lucky Larrigan1932 J. C. Bailey Movie
The Man from Arizona1932 Movie
Riders of the Desert1932 Dad Houston Movie
Single-Handed Sanders1932 Senator Graham Movie
Texas Pioneers1932 Colonel Thomas Movie
Vanishing Men1932 Heck Claiborne Movie
Week Ends Only1932 Bartender Movie
South of Santa Fe1932 Thornton Movie
A Holy Terror1931 Sheriff (uncredited) Movie
God's Country and the Man1931 Young Movie
Mother and Son1931 Mr. Winfield Movie
Oklahoma Jim1931 Indian Agent Movie
The Conquering Horde1931 Capt. Wilkins Movie
The Deadline1931 Warden (uncredited) Movie
Dugan of the Badlands1931 Sheriff Manning Movie
Galloping Thru1931 Mr. Winton Movie
Laugh and Get Rich1931 Dinner Guest (uncredited) Movie
Men in Her Life1931 Oscar W. Mulholland (uncredited) Movie
The Montana Kid1931 Burke Movie
The Nevada Buckaroo1931 Brennan (uncredited) Movie
Two Fisted Justice1931 Mr. Cameron (Nancy's Father) Movie
Secret Menace, The1931 John Grant Movie
Back Pay1930 Hot Springs Hotel Baggage Clerk (uncredited) Movie
For the Defense1930 Joseph McGann (uncredited) Movie
Ladies Love Brutes1930 Contractor (uncredited) Movie
Let's Go Native1930 Captain (uncredited) Movie
Only the Brave1930 Gen. Robert E. Lee Movie
The Widow from Chicago1930 Detective T. Finnegan (uncredited) Movie
Wild Company1930 Police Captain (uncredited) Movie
The Rampant Age1930 Arnold Benton Movie
Men on Call1930 Stage Manager (uncredited) Movie
The Phantom in the House1929 Police Captain Movie
Horse Shoes1927 William Baker Movie
Million Dollar Mystery1927 Stanley Hargreaves Movie
What Happened to Jones1926 The Bishop Movie
Dixie Flyer, The1926 Vice-President Arthur Bedford Movie
Outlaw Love1926 Movie
Christine of the Big Tops1926 Dr. Hastings Movie
The Scarlet Streak1925 Professor Richard Crawford Movie
The Spoilers1923 Bill Wheaton Movie
The Eagle's Feather1923 Parson Winger Movie
Her Winning Way1921 Mallon Movie
The Last Card1921 District Attorney (uncredited) Movie
Are All Men Alike?1920 Uncle Chandler Movie
Held in Trust1920 Jasper Haig (as John H. Elliott) Movie
Master Stroke, A1920 George Trevor Movie
Homer Comes Home1920 Mr. Bailly (as John H. Elliot) Movie
When a Man Loves1919 Sir Robert Eastbourne Movie
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