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Michael Forest

Michael Forest  American Actor


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Gerald Michael Charlebois, better known as Michael Forest (born April 17, 1929 in Harvey, North Dakota) is an American actor who provides the voices for many animated titles. At the age of 71, he played the voice of Prince Olympius in Power Rangers L...

First Name Michael
Last Name Forest
Age 87 years
Birthday 17th April, 1929
Birthplace Harvey, North Dakota, US
Height 6' 3" (191 cm)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Occupation Text Voice actor/Actor
Occupation Actor
Year(s) Active 1953–present
Official Websites http://www.mikeforest.com/
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Star Trek Continues2013 Apollo TV Show
Unbelievable!!!!!2012 Micheal Movie
The Scarlet Worm2011 Judge Hanchett (as Mike Forest) Movie
Redline2009 Inuki (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers2009 Braya Mattingly (English version, voice) Movie
AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission - Deep Blue Girl2007 Gozo Aida (English version, voice) Short Film
Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society2006 Kubota (English version, voice) TV Movie
Gekijô-ban Naruto: Daikôfun! Mikazukijima no animaru panikku dattebayo!2006 Kakeru Tsuki (English version, voice) Movie
Paprika2006 Dr. Seijiro Inui (English version, voice) Movie
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex2006 Kubota, Bar Waiter TV Show
Ghost Slayers Ayashi2006 Doi, Master TV Show
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix2005 Hans (English version, voice) TV Show
Kôkyô shihen Eureka Sebun2005 Braya, Monk TV Show
Appleseed2004 Elder (English version, voice, as Russell Thor) Movie
Izo2004 Samurai (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Paranoia Agent2004 Cop TV Show
Samurai Champloo2004 Guard, Inuyama (English version, voice, as Russell Thor) TV Show
Otogi zôshi2004 Minister of the Left (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Replay2003 Bradley (voice) Movie
Texhnolyze2003 Kohakura TV Show
Cold Case2003 Frank Shavers (05) TV Show
Gungrave2003 Executive Sid Galarde (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Last Exile2003 Vanship Union Operator #4 (English version, voice) TV Show
Planetes2003 Harry Roland TV Show
R.O.D the TV2003 Shop Owner B (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Scrapped Princess2003 King Balteric, Trader (English version, voice) TV Show
Gad Guard2003 Dorgel (English version, voice) TV Show
Rumic Theater: Mermaid Forest2003 Kohakura TV Show
Someday's Dreamers2003 Councilor Furusaki Rikiya (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 32002 Takeshi Kusumi (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
The Twelve Kingdoms2002 King Hou Chuutatsu TV Show
Witch Hunter Robin2002 Inquisitor (voice) TV Show
Heat Guy J2002 Valter Yulgence (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Mirage of Blaze2002 Kojyuro Katakura TV Show
Overman King-Gainer2002 Duke Medaiyu (English version, voice, as Russel Thor) TV Show
Kaubôi bibappu: Tengoku no tobira2001 Ticket (English version, voice) Movie
Alias2001 Auctioneer TV Show
Gate Keepers2001 Grandfather (English version, voice, as Russell Thor) TV Show
Cast Away2000 Pilot Jack Movie
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue2000 Olympius TV Show
The Big O1999 Alex Rosewater TV Show
Serial Experiments: Lain1998 Dr. Hodgeson TV Show
Seven Days1998 General Lagerfield TV Show
Trigun1998 TV Show
Kidô senshi Gandamu: Dai 08 MS shôtai - Mirâzu ripôto1998 Kojima (English version, voice) Movie
Black Jack1996 Roger Siegel (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Kidô senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS shôtai1996 Lt. Col. Jokima (voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Masked Rider1995 Lavasect TV Show
Street Fighter II: V1995 Captain Dorai TV Show
Catnapped! The Movie1995 Suttoboke (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie1994 Master (English version, voice, as George Celik) Movie
Body of Evidence1993 Andrew Marsh Movie
Ninja Scroll1993 Shogunate Envoy (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Teknoman1993 Commander Jamison TV Show
Chôjikû seiki Ôgasu 021993 Council, Thug, Walla, ... (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Short Film
Sangokushi1992 Ts'ao (1994) (voice) Movie
Extralarge: Cannonball1991 Coach Owen TV Movie
Kidô senshi Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory1991 Capt. Dry (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) TV Show
Silk Stalkings1991 Stickman TV Show
Mobile Suit Gundam F911991 Theo Fairchild (English version, voice) Movie
La Femme Nikita1990 Judge, Waiter (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Original Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy1990 Dietrich (Streamline) (English version, voice) Movie
Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket1989 Charlie TV Show
Border Shootout1989 Earl Beaudry Movie
Adventures of Manxmouse, The1989 Emitel (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Akira1988 Council Connection (2001) (English version, voice, as Russell Thor) Movie
Crying Freeman 1: Portrait of a Killer1988 Shûdô (US 1994) Movie
Deep Space1988 Hawkins Movie
Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis1988 Aichi Shibosawa (Streamline 1993) (English version, voice) Movie
Zillion: Burning Night1988 Gord (English version, voice) Movie
Once Upon a Time1987 Chancellor, Walla (1987) (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Twilight of the Cockroaches1987 Host (1992) (English version, voice) Movie
Wings of Honneamise1987 Gnomm (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Akai kôdan Zillion1987 Gord (English version, voice) TV Show
Fist of the North Star1986 Jackal Movie
They Were Eleven1986 Elder (1996) (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
King Kong Lives1986 Vance Movie
Mussolini: The Untold Story1985 Prison Commandant TV Show
Dirty Pair1985 Dietrich TV Show
SF Shinseiki Lensman1984 Adm. Haines (English version, voice) Movie
Who's the Boss?1984 Croupier TV Show
The Professional: Golgo 131983 Young Movie
Kidô senshi Gandamu I1981 Captain Paolo (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
Simon & Simon1981 Marvin Kent TV Show
Nodoka mori no dobutsu daisakusen1980 Matthew (English version, voice, uncredited) TV Movie
Il cacciatore di squali1979 Donovan (as Mike Forrest) Movie
Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro1979 Archbishop (Manga Video dub) (English version, voice, as Alfred Thor) Movie
La banda del gobbo1978 Commissario Sarti (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Covert Action1978 John Florio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Cuibul salamandrelor1978 George (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Flatfoot in Africa1978 Bus Hooligan (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Magnum Cop1978 Vinnie (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Lupin the Third: The Secret of Mamo1978 Gordon (1995 Streamline dub) (English version, voice, as Mike Forest) Movie
Blazing Flowers1978 Domino (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Seagulls Fly Low1978 Killer (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Il cinico, l'infame, il violento1977 Tanzi Movie
Poliziotto sprint1977 Marco Palma (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Napoli spara!1977 Don Licata (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
The Heroin Busters1977 Fabio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Roma a mano armata1976 Tanzi Movie
Il grande racket1976 Nico (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Mr. Scarface1976 Rick (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
The Loves and Times of Scaramouche1976 Danglar Movie
The Message1976 Khalid Movie
Il trucido e lo sbirro1976 Calabrese (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore1976 Rick (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Violent Naples1976 Commissario Betti Movie
How to Kill a Judge1976 Avvocato Meloria (English version, voice) Movie
Young, Violent, Dangerous1976 Commissario (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora1975 Giorgio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Kidnap Syndicate1975 Filippini (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Nude per l'assassino1975 Commissioner (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Syndicate Sadists1975 Dr. Marco Marsili (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
The Hired Gun1975 Marco (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
La polizia chiede aiuto1974 Inspector Valentini (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Crazy Joe1974 Danny (voice, uncredited) Movie
Emergency Squad1974 Marsigliese (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare1974 Vittorio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Amarcord1973 Fascist, Walla (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Milano trema - la polizia vuole giustizia1973 Giorgio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
La polizia incrimina la legge assolve1973 Police Radio Operator (voice, uncredited) Movie
The Young and the Restless1973 Jim Davis (1979) TV Show
Cotter1973 Movie
Helen, Yes... Helen of Troy1973 Agamemnon Movie
The Magnificent Dare Devil1973 Colonel Brauner Movie
Hector the Mighty1972 Achilles Movie
Don't Torture a Duckling1972 Martelli (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
The Assassination of Trotsky1972 Jim (as Mike Forrest) Movie
The Dirt Gang1972 Zeno Movie
The Rookies1972 Novak TV Show
Afyon oppio1972 Capo (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
Now They Call Him Sacramento1972 Amen, Sacramento Movie
Death Played the Flute1972 Nick Barton (as Michael Forrest) Movie
Racconti proibiti... di niente vestiti1972 Bastianazzo (as Michael Forrest) Movie
Confessions of a Police Captain1971 Dubrosio (English version, voice, uncredited) Movie
The Last Rebel1971 Cowboy (as Mike Forrest) Movie
100 Rifles1969 Humara Movie
The Silent Gun1969 Trace Evans TV Movie
The Sweet Ride1968 Barry Green Movie
Here Come the Brides1968 Mike Donegan, Gallagher TV Show
It Takes a Thief1968 Cheech, Courier TV Show
The Doris Day Show1968 Bruce Sanders TV Show
Now You See It, Now You Don't1968 Hamid TV Movie
Garrison's Gorillas1967 Gustav TV Show
Ironside1967 James Edmond TV Show
Mr. Terrific1967 Valmar TV Show
The Money Jungle1967 Haines Conjar Movie
Deathwatch1966 Greeneyes Movie
Mission: Impossible1966 Lupesh TV Show
Star Trek1966 Apollo TV Show
The Glory Guys1965 Fred Cushman Movie
Branded1965 Newt Woolery TV Show
Days of Our Lives1965 Corley Maxwell (1979-1980) TV Show
Get Smart1965 Basil TV Show
I Spy1965 Igor TV Show
Laredo1965 Miguel TV Show
A House Is Not a Home1964 Bernie Watson Movie
12 O'Clock High1964 Mikhail TV Show
Daniel Boone1964 Long Feather TV Show
Gilligan's Island1964 Ugundi TV Show
Gomer Pyle: USMC1964 Fred Cummins TV Show
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.1964 Lieutenant Fest TV Show
The Outer Limits1963 Prof. Stuart Peters TV Show
Combat!1962 Company Commander TV Show
The Virginian1962 Cavalry Lieutenant, Zach Wheeler, George MacGregor TV Show
87th Precinct1961 Karl Andrade TV Show
Ben Casey1961 Philippe Bouvier TV Show
Dr. Kildare1961 Julian Forman TV Show
The Dick Van Dyke Show1961 Joe Coogan TV Show
Atlas1961 Atlas Movie
Frontier Circus1961 Roy Clatter TV Show
First Person1961 Movie
Ski Troop Attack1960 Lt. Factor Movie
Michael Shayne1960 Vinnie Pico TV Show
The Tall Man1960 Ledall TV Show
The Westerner1960 Troy McKeen TV Show
Valley of the Redwoods1960 Dave Harris Movie
Beast from Haunted Cave1959 Gil Jackson Movie
Adventures in Paradise1959 John Thompson TV Show
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond1959 Jacques Boutier TV Show
Bonanza1959 Wabuska, Frank Shirmer, Young Wolf TV Show
Laramie1959 Wilkerson, Cobey, Lew Catlin TV Show
Rawhide1959 Yuma TV Show
The Detectives1959 Jay Wiley TV Show
The Twilight Zone1959 Steve TV Show
The Dennis O'Keefe Show1959 Raoul TV Show
Bat Masterson1958 Noah Gannon, Les Wilkins TV Show
Bronco1958 Indian, Jacques Perrault TV Show
Lawman1958 Chief Little Wolf TV Show
The Rifleman1958 Chaqua TV Show
The Texan1958 Deputy Lacy TV Show
Yancy Derringer1958 Pierre TV Show
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend1957 Slade (uncredited) Movie
The Deadly Mantis1957 Photographer (uncredited) Movie
The Mysterians1957 Sugimoto (voice) Movie
The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent1957 Zarko (as Mike Forrest) Movie
26 Men1957 Jodine Hardie, The Champ TV Show
Bachelor Father1957 Brad Douglas TV Show
Have Gun - Will Travel1957 Peter Keystone TV Show
Maverick1957 Bob Tallhorse, Jean Paul St. Cloud TV Show
Perry Mason1957 Pierre Dubois TV Show
Tales of Wells Fargo1957 Duke Tolliver TV Show
Tombstone Territory1957 Floyd Rank TV Show
Wagon Train1957 Dallas, Julio TV Show
Zorro1957 Anastacio TV Show
As the World Turns1956 Nick Andropoulos TV Show
Zane Grey Theater1956 Joe Sampson TV Show
Cheyenne1955 Capt. Robert Holman, Lariat Sanga, Yellow Lance TV Show
Gunsmoke1955 Chance TV Show
Highway Patrol1955 Highway Patrolman Crain TV Show
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre1955 Plater TV Show
Studio 571954 Plater TV Show
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin1954 Big Bear, Brave #1, Broken Claw TV Show
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1954 Gen. J.E.B. Stuart TV Show
Death Valley Days1952 Coyote Jim, Larry Brooks TV Show
Encounter1952 Danny King TV Show
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok1951 Strong Eagle TV Show
Lux Video Theatre1950 Pug TV Show
Sub Rosa The Senator Movie
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