Mary Ambrose & Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose

Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose  

Mary Ambrose and Robert Palmer have separated.

Mary Ambrose was dating Robert Palmer. They started dating in 2000 after meeting at 1995 at a party in Coronado, California and split up in 2003 after dating for 3 years.

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ZaraDec 22, 2014

Mary Ambrose is a piece of work. After Robert Palmer broke off relations with her, she tried to hold him up for one million dollars blackmail, threatening to divulge private information about him to the press. Like a lot of famous individuals, his lifestyle wasn't exactly what he told the press, no surprise there. He refused to pay Ambrose off, and told her to hit the road. Ambrose then got into a series of legal problems afterwards. After unsuccessfully trying to court a large group of musicians, none of whom were interested in Ambrose, her reputation preceded her, she now lives with a web designer and former jewelry salesman named Marcel Boast in Montebelluna, Italy, where she is a stay at home. So much for her jet set days.

Ricky R.Jul 20, 2011

Simon forgot one famous couple that Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose remind me of. Hugh Grant and Divine Brown. I was surprised when I discovered that Robert Palmer was into chubbies. I have heard that the big girls really get into it and maybe that is true. But not for me. What ever floats your boat, I guess.

NicaJul 8, 2011

Mary Ambrose once crowed in an interview that Robert Palmer told her every day that `you are my reason for living.' Sure, lady, and I just so happen to be married to George Clooney. And oh yeah, I've got some swampland in Florida to sell. Any takers? Mary Ambrose underestimated other people's intelligence and I suppose that is one of the reasons that she had been arrested so many times and is now in prison. Being the chick on the side does not make you a man's girlfriend. Robert Palmer showed the world how much he loved Mary Ambrose when he left her a whopping $16,000.00 in his Will, and I suspect he only did that because he did not want to see her two children on the street, as their fathers were not paying her any child support quite obviously. By the way the boys, born in 2001 and 2002 were fathered by Mick Carter and Christian Charmoux. Carter was Palmer's manager and Charmoux was a business partner of his. Dream on Mary Ambrose.

Sunshine KatieJul 5, 2011

The Miss Piggy comment was oh so apt. I have to wonder if Mary Ambrose referred to Robert Palmer as Kermit while they were alone together. When Robert Palmer choose to involve himself with Mary Ambrose he showed no reasonable taste. Robert Palmer's decision is the perfect reason the old expression "There is no accounting for taste" was created. I imagine by now that Mary Ambrose has perfected quite a few bird calls. I know for certain that she has perfected the North American Loon call. All in all not an attractive couple.

CocoJul 1, 2011

I am stunned! I thought all this time that in the one photo I saw with Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose in it that the famous and glamourous actress, Miss Piggy (of Muppets fame) was in the picture. And now I am told that it was actually Mary Ambrose? Stunned. Stars above, where did Robert Palmer's mind go? I wonder if Mary Ambrose is working in the laundry now? She certainly has the girth for it. I do know what she must be doing on her time off: practicing her bird calls.

FennieJun 27, 2011

I saw a picture of Mary Ambrose included in a group photo taken of Robert Palmer and friends. The woman is huge. She had to be at least 5'8 and weighed in the range of 180 pounds. She is a giant. In the photo Robert Palmer is standing behind her and smirking at her. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I sure hope that Mary Ambrose looks good in orange because that is the color of her entire wardrobe now. Ambrose is thirty-four years old now. I can only imagine how big she is today. Delta Burke, anyone?

MikeyJun 24, 2011

Robert Palmer certainly turned out to be Georgie Jessel the second. I suspect that he referred to Mary Ambrose as his "niece" while in public. Ambrose was twenty-six in 2003, while Palmer was fifty-four. Only a twenty-seven year age gap. All Palmer really wanted was what any man wanted. Two girlfriends! He was predictable about that too. His girlfriend Geraldine Edwards was considered the intelligent one, by dent of the fact that she has two MA's and worked in the legal field as well as owning two small businesses. Ambrose was the airhead who wanted to be a musician and an actress and who ran after Palmer like a slave. The phrase "Yes, master" was definintley in Ambrose's vocabulary. I wonder if Palmer knew about Ambrose's 1997 arrest for pandering. To suit his purposes with Ambrose, he very well might have. It's a shame that Mary Ambrose's permanent career turned out to be that of a criminal. My smypathies to her three children and brother. They deserved better.

LeicaJun 23, 2011

Mary Ambrose, housekeeper extrordinaire! As it turned out the woman was in fact Robert Palmer's live-in Estate manager, hired in 2000 after Palmer's divorce from Susan Palmer. But she sure understood what her duties were, to be available to Robert Palmer day or night! She even had a baby for his manager, Mick Carter, in 2001. The woman is full service all the way. Robert Palmer's girlfriend was Geraldine Edwards aka Penny Lane at the time of his death. Ambrose was his friend with benefits. Palmer even allowed his functionary to contribute backing vocals on two of his later albums. Rhythm and Blues and Drive. Wow. I am impressed. The woman was twenty-six years old at the time of Palmer's death. Geisha all the way. As it turned out Ambrose was arrested and convicted of various offenses on five occasions, from 1995 to now. She was once convicted of pandering in 1997. Jeez! The woman sits in prison now for a Fraud Conviction. Her brother Michael is now raising her three children.

MarcoJun 20, 2011

Humbert Humbert and an economy sized Lolita sums up the relationship of Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose. Relationship status is that Robert Palmer is dead and Mary Ambrose is now in prison. What an unsavory couple.

edddNov 16, 2009

need to look at their relationship over time

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