Stephen Stills & Kristen Hathoway

Stephen Stills and Kristen Hathoway

Stephen Stills and Kristen Hathoway  

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Stephen Stills and Kristen Hathoway are married.

(27 May 1996 - present) (2 children)

Key Dates
Married27th May, 1996
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Stephen Stills
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Stephen Stills
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pettymreFeb 3, 2010

He`s wearing his wedding ring again. Had it off for months. One of the websites stated he was single back in December.

ReneeDec 19, 2009

Why do you think they are separated? I have not heard that.

CeliaNov 9, 2009

Veronique Sanson is the mother of Christopher, Anne is the mother of Eleanor and Kristen is the mother of Henry and Oliver. Who is the mother of Harriet, Jennifer and Justin?

HughieSep 8, 2009

The couple are separated.

ShirleyDec 31, 2008

Did you know that Stephen secretly took Anne to the big gala Monte Carlo Golf Charity event as his WIFE a full two years after he was married to Kristen! He uses the woman he needs when he wants one around.

DaveDec 31, 2008

Looks like Stills should have spent the time on his music. He`s wasted more then a decade on a nanny bimbo? For a brilliant artist he`s not very smart.

FunnyDec 30, 2008

Anne was probably driven to be "not the most stable person in the world" by being married to a two-faced lying dog that screws anyting that moves. Anne had two kids to raise and Stephen`s screwing the Nanny? I think I`d be unstable too. Blame the woman? Why so? Get him that way lose him that way Kristen. Karma!

girlhowdiestDec 29, 2008

Kristen was Jennifer Stills best friend. Kristen used her friendship with Jennifer to pursue Stephen Stills, break up the marriage, get pregnant, and force him to marry her. Kristen got pregnant again four years ago to hang on to him. Kristen is a monster and the entire Stills clan would love to be rid of her.

girlhowdierNov 27, 2008

She`s right. That`s all true. Kristen was Eleanor`s nanny. But some of the responsibility should be Anne`s; she was not the most stable person in the world.

Girlhowdy233Mar 5, 2008

Stephen and Kristen actually began their relationship long before they got married. Kristen came into the Stills` household-as a nanny-when Stephen was still married to his second wife Anne, whom you have neglected to add to your list of women he`s had a relationship with. At the time Kristen came into the Stills` household, Stephen and Anne were having marital difficulties from Stephen`s infidelities. Stephen and Kristen became romantically involved with each other and this resulted in Stephen divorcing Anne and marrying Kristen in 1996.

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