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Vanna Bonta
AuthorVanna Bonta.readingFlight.c.jpg
Bonta reads from her work at a book convention in Portland, Oregon, 1996
Born (1958-04-03) April 3, 1958 (age 55)
Occupation Writer, Author, Poet, Actor, Songwriter, Voice artist
Language English
Genres Fiction, poetry, essay, philosophical literature, social commentary, teleplay, screenplay, lyrics
Notable work(s) coined quantum fiction, Flight: a quantum fiction novel[1]
Relative(s) Maria Luisa Ugolini (mother), Luigi Ugolini (grandfather), Lydia Ugolini (aunt)

Vanna Bonta (/vɑːnˈnɑː/ /bɒnˈtɑː/ VAHN-ah BON-tah; born April 3, 1958) is an American novelist, poet and film actress best known as the author of Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel (Meridian House, 1995).[2][3][4][5] The novel introduced quantum fiction as a literary genre that emerged in the 21st century.[6][7][8][9][10]

Bonta is also known for collections of award-winning poetry, and for her role as Zed's queen, the hero's young mother, in the classic fantasy movie The Beastmaster.

She is also the inventor of the 2suit.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

She was a model of Woman for the Frederick Hart work "Ex Nihilo" (Out of Nothing), the tympana on the west front entrance of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C.[17][18]

Bonta appeared in The Universe Season 3 Episode 4 "Sex in Space" and talked about how her 2suit could be used to achieve intimacy in microgravity toward the colonization of other planets. The History Channel documentary filmed her testing the 2suit in weightlessness, which marked Bonta's second zero gravity flight.[19] She is an advocate of human innovation and space exploration.[20] At NASA Ames in 2008, Bonta presented what she called futuristic "smart clothing" for fashion with functional innovations that included portable atmosphere and hydration in balloon couture, self-illuminating purse interiors. blue tooth earrings, thermal fabric, spray-on biodegradable "second skins" that protect and glitter, a travel shoe that converts from flats to heels, and velvet fabric with fibers that function as sensors.[21]

Among Bonta's inventions is a pressure-release device for high-combustion rocket engines called a Rocket Engine Overpressurization Release Protection System (REORPS), a solution she innovated as a team member of BonNova, one of the competitors in the NASA-sponsored 2009 Lunar Lander Challenge[22][23][24]

She is the daughter of a Florentine-American fine-art painter and American military officer, and the granddaughter of Luigi Ugolini.[25][26]

Bonta wrote an undeveloped story, "Somewhen", for the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.[27] She is credited with numerous roles as a voice actor in feature films, such as Beauty and the Beast (Disney).[28] She was the computer voice in the movie Demolition Man.

In 2013, a haiku by Vanna Bonta was among top three selections to be launched to the planet Mars on a NASA spaceship for the MAVEN mission.[29][30][31][32][33]

Published works[edit]


  • Bonta, Vanna (2013). Voci Fiorentine (poetry anthology) (in Italian). Ibiskos Ulivieri. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (1995). Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel. Meridian House. ISBN 978-0912339177. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (1989). Degrees - Thought Capsules (Poems) and Micro Tales on Life, Death, Man, Woman, & Art. Dora Books. ISBN 978-0912339054. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (1985). Shades of the World. Dora Books. ISBN 978-0912339016. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (1981). Rewards of Passion (Sheer Poetry). Empire Books. 


  • The Impact of Space Activities Upon Society. ESA Publications. 2005. ISBN 978-9290925828. [34][35]
  • Bonta, Vanna (1994, 2012). The Cosmos as a Poem. ASIN B0086POUVQ. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (2000, 2012). State of the Art. ASIN B0086PAIXK. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (2008, 2011). Il Cosmo Come Poesia (in Italian). Beacon Hill. ASIN B008744ZYI. 
  • Il Cosmos Come Poesia - Città di Vita, Bimestrale di religione, arte, scienza - Issue V; (May 2008, October 2011)[36]
  • Space: What love's got to do with it, The Space Review (Oct. 24, 2004)[37]
  • Stato dell'Arte. L'attacco al valore dell'uomo e della bellezza - Città di Vita, Bimestrale di religione, arte, scienza - Issue VI; (December 2012)[38]

Short Stories[edit]

  • Bonta, Vanna (1992, 2012). Ordinary Holy Days. ASIN B008E8G2UC. 
  • Bonta, Vanna (1992, 2012). Mother Ship. ASIN B008774M0M. 


  • Angel, by Vanna Bonta. Attenzione magazine; Volume 8, Issue 2 - Volume 9, Issue 2.(1986)
  • Mars haiku; launched to planet Mars[39]

Selected Filmography[edit]

Bonta at presentation of her work in Italy by the Florentine Camerata dei Poeti in 2009
Year Title Role Notes
2012 Dante's Inferno Documented Speaker: 6th Circle – The Heretics
1993 Hocus Pocus French teacher (voice)
2008 The Universe Herself / Inventor History Channel documentary
1993 Demolition Man Computer (voice)
2005 What Goes Up Pianist / Zero G Flyer
2004 Born to Fight Mali (voice: English version)
2003 Something's Gotta Give ER Nurse (voice)
1991 An American Tail: Feivel Goes West Voice talent Universal studios Animation feature
1991 Where Sleeping Dogs Lie Serena's Secretary
1982 Time Walker Student in Lab
1982 The Beastmaster Zed's Wife
1991 Beauty and the Beast Voice talent Disney animation feature
1990 The Rescuers Down Under Voice talent Disney animation feature
2002 The Twilight Zone (voice) (TV series)
1994 Armed and Innocent Candy (TV movie)
1986 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Lead Actress in Play (TV series)
1985 My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn Blue Moon Waitress (TV movie)
1982 CHiPs Secretary (TV series)


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