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Complete list of songs by Brandy.

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  1. 1st & Love
  2. A Capella (Something's Missing)
  3. A Shot Of Brandy
  4. About Brandy (Intro)
  5. Acapella
  6. Afrodiasic
  7. Afrodisiac
  8. Afrodisiac (Album Version)
  9. Afrodisiac (Album Version - Audio)
  10. Afrodisiac (House Mix)
  11. Afrodisiac (Instrumental)
  12. Afrodisiac (Video)
  13. After The Flood
  14. All in Me
  15. Almost Doesn't Count
  16. Almost Doesn't Count (A Cappella)
  17. Almost Doesn't Count (Album Version)
  18. Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Instrumental)
  19. Almost Doesn't Count DJ Premier Mix
  20. Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Mix)
  21. Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Mix Instrumental)
  22. Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Remix)
  23. Almost Doesn't Count (Instrumental)
  24. Almost Doesn't Count (Pull Club Extended Remix)
  25. Almost Doesn't Count (Pull Mix)
  26. Almost Doesn't Count (Pull Mix Instrumental)
  27. Almost (One Way Vocal Mix)
  28. Almost (Smoothed Up Dub Mix)
  29. Always On My Mind
  30. Angel (2-Step Remix)
  31. Angel (4x4 Remix)
  32. Angel (FR Dirt' Apella)
  33. Angel (FR Dirt Beats)
  34. Angel (FR Dirt Instru)
  35. Angel (FR Dirt Vox Mix)
  36. Angel In Disguise
  37. Angel In Disguise (Acapella)
  38. Angel In Disguise (Album Mix)
  39. Angel In Disguise (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)
  40. Angel In Disguise (Instrumental)
  41. Angel In Disguise (Percapella)
  42. Angel (X-Men Dub)
  43. Angel (X-Men Vocal)
  44. Another Day In Paradise
  45. Another Day In Paradise (R&B Version)
  46. Another Day In Paradise (R&B Version Instrumental)
  47. Another Day In Paradise (Stargate Classic Club)
  48. Another Day In Paradise (Stargate Classic Club Instrumental)
  49. Another Day In Paradise (Stargate Mix)
  50. Another Day In Paradise (Stargate Mix Instrumental)
  51. Anybody
  52. Apart
  53. As Long As You're Here
  54. B Rocka (Intro)
  55. Baby
  56. Baby (All Star Party Mix)
  57. Baby Baby (Muttley's Deep Dub Mix)
  58. Baby Baby (Muttley's Deep House Mix)
  59. Baby Baby (Souse (Re-edit)
  60. Baby (LP Version)
  61. Baby (Radio Edit)
  62. Baby "Remix"
  63. Back And Forth
  64. Best Friend
  65. Best Friend (Accapella)
  66. Best Friend (Character R&B Mix)
  67. Best Friend (Character R&B Mix feat. Channel Live)
  68. Best Friend (Character R&B Mix without Rap)
  69. Best Friend (Character Summer Mix)
  70. Best Friend (Dyrecta Dub)
  71. Best Friend (Dyrecta Mix)
  72. Best Friend (Instrumental)
  73. Best Friend (LP Version)
  74. Best Friend (Midday Club Mix)
  75. Best Friend (Remix)
  76. Best Friend (Rocappella Beat Box)
  77. Best Friends
  78. Bet You Didn't Know
  79. Bet You Didn't Know
  80. Between Me & You
  81. Brandy & Black
  82. Brandy Nugget
  83. Brandy Photo Gallery
  84. Bring It Back
  85. Bring Me Down
  86. Bring me down (Feat. Kanye West)
  87. Brokenhearted
  88. Brokenhearted (Acoustic Mix)
  89. Brokenhearted (LP Version)
  90. Brokenhearted (Soulpower Groove Instrumental)
  91. Brokenhearted (Soulpower Groove Mix)
  92. Brokenhearted (Soulpower Mix)
  93. Camouflage
  94. Can We
  95. Can You Hear Me Now?
  96. Casualties
  97. Come a Little Closer
  98. Come As You Are
  99. Cool (Thought I'd Be)
  100. Dance With Us
  101. Darkchild Instrumental
  102. Darkchild Mix Part II
  103. Darkchild Re-edit Mix
  104. Day After The Flood
  105. Decisions
  106. Departed
  107. Die Without You
  108. Die Without You (Album Version)
  109. Die Without You (Instrumental)
  110. Die Without You (U.S./Canada release)
  111. Dig This
  112. Do You Know What You Have?
  113. Doesn't Mean We
  114. Drum Life
  115. Escape
  116. Everything I Do
  117. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
  118. Extended Version
  119. Fall
  120. Fall Back
  121. Fear Of Flying
  122. Feels So Good
  123. Finally
  124. Finally I Walked Away
  125. First N Luv
  126. Focus
  127. Follow Me
  128. Foolin' Around (Remix)
  129. Freedom
  130. Full Moon
  131. Full Moon (Album Version)
  132. Full Moon (Cutfather & Joe Remix)
  133. Full Moon (Cutfather & Joe Remix Instrumental)
  134. Full Moon (Ernie Lake Club Mix)
  135. Full Moon (Ernie Lake Radio Edit)
  136. Full Moon (Full Intention Club Mix)
  137. Full Moon (Full Intention Dub #1)
  138. Full Moon (Instrumental)
  139. Full Moon (remix)
  140. Give Me You
  141. Gonna Find My Love
  142. Happy
  143. Hardly Breathing
  144. Have You Ever
  145. Have You Ever? (A Capella)
  146. Have You Ever? (Original Album Version)
  147. Have You Ever (Soul Shank Remix)
  148. Have You Ever? (Soul Skank Remix)
  149. Have You Ever? (Soul Skank Remix Instrumental)
  150. Have You Ever? (UK Garage Remix)
  151. He is
  152. Honey
  153. How I Feel
  154. Human
  155. Human Intro
  156. I Can't Wait
  157. I Dedicate
  158. I Dedicate (Part I)
  159. I Dedicate (Part II)
  160. I Dedicate (Part III)
  161. I Dedicate, Pt. 1
  162. I Dedicate, Pt. 2
  163. I Dedicate, Pt. 3
  164. I Don't Really Care
  165. I Know Now
  166. I'll Do Anything For You
  167. I'm Yours
  168. I My Own Little Corner
  169. I Thought
  170. I Tried
  171. I Tried (Cold Play)
  172. I Wanna Be Down
  173. I Wanna Be Down (Acapella)
  174. I Wanna Be Down (Caveman Vocal Mix)
  175. I Wanna Be Down (Cool Out)
  176. I Wanna Be Down (Cool Out Instrumental)
  177. I Wanna Be Down (Human Rhythm Hip Hop Remix)
  178. I Wanna Be Down (LP Instrumental)
  179. I Wanna Be Down (LP Version)
  180. I Wanna Be Down (Remix)
  181. I Wanna Be Down (Solution Remix)
  182. I Wanna Be Down (The Human Rhythm Hip Hop Remix)
  183. I Wanna Be Down (Tremorefire Remix)
  184. I Wanna Fall In Love
  185. If I (I'll Do Anything 4 You)
  186. If I (I'll Do Anything 4 You)
  187. In My Own Little Corner
  188. In The Car Interlude
  189. Intro
  190. It Doesn't Matter
  191. It's My Party
  192. It's My Party
  193. It's Not Worth It
  194. Keyed
  195. Learn The Hard Way
  196. Let Me Go
  197. Lifeguard
  198. Like It Was Yesterday
  199. Like This
  200. List
  201. Locked In Love
  202. Long As I Can Remember
  203. Long Distance
  204. Long Distance Interlude
  205. Looking Glass
  206. Love Is All That Matters
  207. Love Is On My Side
  208. Love Me The Most
  209. Love Wouldn't Count Me
  210. Love Wouldn't Count Me Out
  211. Making Of Video (Afrodisiac)
  212. Maximum Risk
  213. Missing You
  214. Missing You (Acappella Intro Mix)
  215. Missing You (Mellow Acoustic Mix)
  216. Missing You (Radio Version)
  217. Movin' on
  218. Music
  219. Necessary
  220. Never Say Never
  221. Never Say Never (A Capella)
  222. Never Say Never (Album Version)
  223. Never Say Never Intro
  224. Never Say Never (Jazz Animal Remix)
  225. Never Say Never (Jazz Animal Remix Instrumental)
  226. No Such Thing As Too Late
  227. Noddin' Off [Japan Bonus Track]
  228. Nodding Off
  229. Nothing
  230. One Thing
  231. One Voice
  232. Only One For Me
  233. Open
  234. Original Darkchild Mix
  235. Paint This House
  236. Perfect Love
  237. Piano Man
  238. Porcelain Doll
  239. Put It Down
  240. Put That On Everything
  241. Right Here
  242. Right Here (Departed)
  243. Right Here (Departed) (Album Version)
  244. Right Here (Departed) (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
  245. Right Here (Departed) Remix
  246. Right Here (Departed) (Seamus & Emanuel Radio Edit)
  247. Rock With You
  248. Romeo & Juliet
  249. Ryde Or Die
  250. Sadiddy
  251. Say You Will
  252. Scared of Beautiful
  253. Set It Off (Acappella Mellow Mix)
  254. Set It Off (Radio Version)
  255. Shattered Heart
  256. Should I Go
  257. Should I Go (House Mix)
  258. Sirens
  259. Sirens (Non Album Track)
  260. Sittin' On Top (Mix 1)
  261. Sittin' On Top (Mix 2)
  262. Sittin' Up In My Room
  263. Sittin' Up In My Room (Doug Rasheed Remix)
  264. Sittin' Up In My Room (LP Version)
  265. Sittin' Up In My Room (OST Version)
  266. Sittin' Up In My Room (Radio Edit)
  267. Slow Love
  268. Slower
  269. So Right, For Life
  270. So Sick
  271. Sunny Day
  272. Sunny Days
  273. Sweet Nothings
  274. Talk About Our Love
  275. Talk About Our Love (Acapella)
  276. Talk about our love (feat. Kanye West)
  277. Talk About Our Love (House Dub)
  278. Talk About Our Love (House Mix)
  279. Talk About Our Love (House Remix)
  280. Talk About Our Love (Instrumental)
  281. Talk About Our Love (One Rascal Remix)
  282. Talk About Our Love (Qualifide Mix 1)
  283. Talk About Our Love (Qualifide Mix 2)
  284. Talk About Our Love (Video)
  285. Talk About Our MuthaFunkin' Love (Alternative Vocal)
  286. Talk About Our MuthaFunkin' Love (Vocal Treat)
  287. The Boy Is Mine
  288. The Boy Is Mine (Bobbi Hallstrom "Shaft" Remix)
  289. The Boy Is Mine (feat. Monica)
  290. The Boy Is Mine (Jungle Remix)
  291. The Boy Is Mine (Rachel & Monica Mix)
  292. The Boy Is Mine (Radio Edit W/O Intro)
  293. The Definition
  294. The List
  295. This Must Be Love
  296. Today
  297. Tomorrow
  298. Too Little Too Late
  299. Top Of The World
  300. Top Of The World Darkchild Remix
  301. Top Of The World (Edit)
  302. Top Of The World (feat. Ma$e)
  303. Top Of The World (Instrumental)
  304. Top Of The World (No Rap Edit)
  305. Top Of The World (Remix)
  306. Top Of The World (Remix Instrumental)
  307. Top Of The World (Rodney Jerkins Remix)
  308. Torn Down
  309. True
  310. Truthfully
  311. Turn It up
  312. Turn It Up (Acapella)
  313. Turn It Up (Album Version)
  314. Turn It Up (Edited Version)
  315. Turn It Up (Instrumental)
  316. U Don't Know Me
  317. U Don't Know Me
  318. U Don't Know Me (Darkchild Remix)
  319. U Don't Know Me Darkchild Remix Radio Edit
  320. U Don't Know Me Darkchild Remix Radio Edit
  321. U Don't Know Me (Like U Sed To) (Feat. Shaunta & Da Brat Remix)
  322. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)
  323. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Acapella)
  324. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Album Version)
  325. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Clean)
  326. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Darkchild Remix
  327. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Darkchild Remix Radio Edit
  328. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (feat. Shaunta & Da Brat)
  329. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Inst)
  330. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Main)
  331. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Radio Remix Edit)
  332. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Remix)
  333. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Remix A Capella)
  334. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Remix Instrumental Dub)
  335. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Rodney Jerkins Remix)
  336. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Rodney Jerkins Remix Instrumental)
  337. U Don't Know Me (Swizz Beats Remix)
  338. Wanna Be Down (Remix)
  339. Warm It Up (With Love)
  340. What About Love
  341. What About Them?
  342. What About Us
  343. What About Us? (Brandy Norwood song)
  344. What About Us (2004 Remix)
  345. What About Us? (A Cappella)
  346. What About Us? (Album Version)
  347. What About Us (Clipz Remix)
  348. What About Us? (Instrumental)
  349. What About Us (Jay Hannan Dub)
  350. What About Us (Jay Hannan Vocal Mix)
  351. What About Us (Jazz-N-Groove Remix)
  352. What About Us (Markus Enochson Electro Clash Remake)
  353. What About Us (Peaches Instrumental)
  354. What About Us (Peaches Remix)
  355. What About Us (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
  356. What About Us? (Radio Version)
  357. What About Us? (Re-Lick)
  358. What About Us (Remix)
  359. What About Us (Rework)
  360. What About Us (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Old Skool Remix)
  361. What About Us (Vocal Mix)
  362. What Have You Done For Me
  363. What You Need
  364. When The Heartache Is Over (Crystal Mix)
  365. When You Touch Me
  366. Where Are You Now?
  367. Where Are You Now
  368. Where You Wanna Be
  369. Who I Am
  370. Who Is She 2
  371. Who is She 2 U
  372. Who Is She 2 U (A Cappella)
  373. Who Is She 2 U? (Afrodiziaks Remix 1)
  374. Who Is She 2 U? (Afrodiziaks Remix 2)
  375. Who Is She 2 U (Album Version)
  376. Who Is She 2 U (Instrumental)
  377. Who Is She 2 U (Josh Harris Alternative Remix)
  378. Who Is She 2 U (Remix)
  379. Who Is She To You
  380. Who Is She To You? (Mask Mix 1)
  381. Who Is She To You? (Mask Mix 2)
  382. Wildest Dreams
  383. Wish Your Love Away
  384. Without You
  385. Wow
  386. You Are Beautiful
  387. You Don't Know Me (The Tekk Mix)
  388. You Don't Know Me (The Vivrant Instrumental)
  389. You Don't Know Me (The Vivrant Remix)(Edit)
  390. You Don't Know Me (The Vivrant Remix)(Street)
  391. You Don't Know Me (Untitled Mix)

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