House at the End of the Street

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House at the End of the Street
House at The End of the Street.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Mark Tonderai
Produced by Aaron Ryder
Peter Block
Ryan Kavanaugh
Written by David Loucka
Jonathan Mostow
Starring Jennifer Lawrence
Max Thieriot
Gil Bellows
Elisabeth Shue
Eva Link
Nolan Gerard Funk
Allie MacDonald
Music by Theo Green
Cinematography Miroslaw Baszak
Editing by Steve Mirkovich
Karen Porter
Studio FilmNation Entertainment
Distributed by Relativity Media
Alliance Films (Canada)
Release dates
  • September 21, 2012 (2012-09-21)
Running time 101 minutes
102 minutes (Unrated cut)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $6,900,000[1]
Box office $42,781,908[2]

House at the End of the Street is a 2012 American mystery horror psychological thriller film directed by Mark Tonderai that stars Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows and Elisabeth Shue.


The story starts with a scene from the point-of-view of a psychotic killer, killing first her father, and then her mother with a hammer in the middle of a stormy night.

Four years later, a newly divorced woman, medical doctor Sarah Cassidy (Elisabeth Shue), and her 17 year old daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move to a small upscale town, where Sarah gets a job at the hospital. Sarah informs her daughter that their house is near the house where the massacred family lived. As told by the neighbors, Carrie Anne Jacobson killed her parents in the house, then fled into the forest. Most townies believe that Carrie Anne drowned in the river, yet her body has never been found, leaving others to believe that she lives in the forest. Carrie Anne's brother, Ryan Jacobson (Max Thieriot), is the sole survivor, who at the time, was looking after his ailing uncle far away. Ryan now lives alone in the house; the neighbors hate the house; as it drives down their property values. Bill Weaver (Gil Bellows), a local police officer, appears to be Ryan's only supporter.

Against the wishes of Sarah, Elissa and Ryan begin a relationship. Ryan tells her that he had accidentally injured Carrie Anne while they were swinging one day, as he was supposed to be watching her while their parents were inside getting high. Carrie Anne fell off the swings, and the resulting brain damage made her extremely aggressive, leading to the killing of their parents.

It is revealed to the viewer that Ryan has secretly been taking care of a now grown Carrie Anne in a hidden room. Carrie Anne escapes the room on two occasions. During the second escape attempt, Ryan accidentally kills Carrie Anne while trying to hide her from a teenage couple, and keep her quiet. In his grief, he visits a diner where young waitress, Peggy, attempts to comfort him, giving him a slice of cake on the house.

Later that day, Elissa invites Ryan to her Battle of the Bands at the high school, and Ryan shows up. While he's inside, Tyler Reynolds and several other high school boys vandalize Ryan’s car, and then proceed to attack him when he comes out to see. In self defense, Ryan breaks Tyler's ankle and runs off. The remaining boys take off to Ryan's house, while Elissa grabs Ryan's keys, which fell out during the fight. She arrives at the house just as one of the boys sets fire to a toilet paper roll and throws it through the window. The boys drive off while Elissa enters the house to extinguish the fire in its early stages. She then notices an empty grey contact lens box in the garbage can. Curious, Elissa begins searching the house, and finds the secret room, where she is attacked by Carrie Anne, who is not dead after all. Ryan arrives to restrain Carrie Anne, while frantically screaming at Elissa to leave the room and go upstairs. During the struggle, it is revealed to the audience that one of Carrie Anne's eyes is green, while the other is grey, and a familiar Penn State sweatshirt is hanging behind the door. When Elissa goes to grab a glass of water in the kitchen, she notices a grey contact lens on her arm, which must have come off during the attack. She digs through the trash to look at the contact box she found earlier, and also finds a wallet that belongs to the waitress from the diner. It is clear that Ryan has kidnapped the waitress, and attempted to make her look like Carrie Anne. As Elissa puts two and two together, Ryan comes into the room, and asks her repeatedly to not tell anyone about Carrie Anne. Elissa attempts to fool him so she can leave, but Ryan slams her head into the door, and knocks her out.

Elisa wakes to find herself tied up in the secret room. Ryan reveals that Carrie Anne actually died during the swing accident, and his parents buried her in the forest. When Elissa asks who killed his parents, Ryan replies that he still needs Carrie Anne in his life, but that he cannot have both Carrie Anne and Elissa. Ryan intends to make Elissa into the new Carrie Anne, but to do so, he must get rid of Peggy.

Sarah figures out that Elissa has been forwarding the house phone to her cell phone, and asks Officer Weaver to check Ryan's house. When he comes looking for Elissa, Ryan says she isn't there. Weaver spots Peggy's wallet on his way out and decides to call Sarah's home, only to hear it ringing inside the Jacobson house. Ryan grabs a knife from the kitchen, and turns the lights out. Weaver goes back inside the now dark house, gun drawn, and makes his way to the basement searching for Elissa. Ryan comes from behind and pushes him down the stairs, and the gun goes sliding across the floor. Ryan then stabs Weaver to death. Ryan throws Elissa into the trunk of his car with Peggy's now dead body. She escapes as Sarah arrives, looking for her. Sarah is attacked and stabbed by Ryan, when Elissa appears and shoots him with Weaver's gun.

Elissa and Sarah move out, and Ryan is shown in a psychiatric ward. A flashback shows young Ryan, about to blow out birthday candles, but is being called Carrie Anne. He tells his mother his name is Ryan, not Carrie Anne, where she slaps him, telling him that his name is Carrie Anne repeatedly, revealing his parents forced him to dress and act like Carrie Anne after she died, containing their grief, but setting Ryan on his troubled path.

(To the person who thought it was funny to change the characters to complete opposite genders and different actors, your game is over. Have a nice day. -MZ)



The film was mainly filmed in Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada in August 2010[3] and was scheduled to be released in April 2012[4] but was moved to a September 2012 release. A tie-in novelization of the movie was released on August 12, 2012 to accompany the movie by Little, Brown Company.[5]


Box office[edit]

The film debuted at No. 1 at the US box office on its opening Friday and Saturday nights.[6] In what was one of the tightest races in years for first place at the box office weekend, the film finished the weekend at No. 2 with $12.3 million, just less than a million behind End of Watch which included takings from Thursday night through Monday morning, where that movie finished at No. 1, with $13.1 million. [7] The film went on to gross over $42.7 million worldwide, from a budget of $6.9 million. [8]

Critical response[edit]

The film received a CinemaScore of B, indicating it was received well by its target audience, and it holds a 10% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 58 reviews from critics.[9][10] Critics have still praised Jennifer Lawrence for her performance saying that she "does her best with a dull and derivative script in this by-the-numbers suburban shocker".[11]

Unrated version[edit]

House at the End of the Street was released unrated on Blu-ray Disc on January 8, 2013.[12][13] The unrated cut increased the length of certain scenes in the final cut by a few seconds and the amount of violence, blood, and gore was increased by a small amount. The extended cut also included an additional twist in which Bill Weaver was actually a family friend of the Jacobson's and was aware of Carrie Anne's fate and he also knew about Ryan's abuse but did nothing to help him. On the day of Carrie Anne's accident he supplied John and Mary Jacobson with drugs and actually could have prevented Carrie Anne's death if he had not sold them the drugs as it prevented them from heeding the cries of Ryan, he was then disowned as a friend by John Jacobson.


Year Award Category Recipients and nominees Outcome
2012 Directors Guild of Canada[14] Best Sound Editing – Feature Film Mark Gingras, John D. Smith, Katrijn Halliday, Tom Bjelic, James Robb, Dale Lennon Nominated
2013 People's Choice Awards[15] Favorite Movie Actress (also for Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games) Jennifer Lawrence Won
2013 MTV Movie Award[16] Best Scared-As-S**t Performance Jennifer Lawrence Nominated
2013 ASCAP Awards[17] Film Award Theo Green Won


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