Golden Balls (film)

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Golden Balls
Huevos de oro FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD cover for Huevos de oro
Directed by Bigas Luna
Produced by Aurelio De Laurentiis
Xavier Gélin
Stephane Marsil
Written by Cuca Canals
Bigas Luna
Starring Javier Bardem
Maria de Medeiros
Maribel Verdú
Music by Nicola Piovani
Cinematography José Luis Alcaine
Editing by Carmen Frías
Distributed by United International Pictures
Release dates September 24, 1993
Running time 95 min.
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Golden Balls (Spanish: Huevos de oro) is a 1993 Spanish film directed by Bigas Luna. It stars Javier Bardem, Maria de Medeiros, Alessandro Gassman, Maribel Verdú and Benicio del Toro.


Benito González is a flamboyant engineer in Melilla, with a brash and pushy personality. His dream is to build the tallest building ever in the region. After his girlfriend leaves him, he devotes himself entirely to his ambitions, deciding to let nothing get in his way. He marries the daughter of a billionaire, intending to use her father's money to realise his project. Benito waltzes his way through a career of excess, fetishes and deceptions, but the personal conflicts he unleashes ultimately send his life spiraling down to disaster.

The film makes direct and symbolic references to the work of Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

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