While the Children Sleep

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While the Children Sleep
While the Children Sleep.jpeg
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Written by Stephen Niver
Starring Gail O'Grady
William R. Moses
Mariana Klaveno
Tristan Lake Leabu
Madison Davenport
Stacy Haiduk
Country United States
Language English
Release date
  • September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16)

While the Children Sleep (also known as The Sitter) is a 2007 made-for-television horror film released on the Lifetime Movie Network. The film is about a couple who hires a live-in nanny (Mariana Klaveno)[1] who inserts herself increasingly into the family routine. Then friends of the family begin to have mysterious accidents, as the nanny conspires to replace the mother through murder. The film's plot was compared by reviewers to the 1991 film The Hand That Rocks the Cradle[2] and the 2001 film The Glass House, as well as others.[3][4]


A couple, Carter and Meghan, decide that they should hire a live-in sitter so that they can both work and support their two children, Max and Casey. Abby Reed answers their advertisement and they move her in immediately. After some initial rough spots with the kids, the family warms to Abby.[3] Abby seems obsessed with Carter, and when she helps organize a company party for a big success — that is rained out — she's in tears and distraught over the failed party. Carter's friend Tate tries to take advantage of Abby in her upset state, and then Tate is discovered dead in a car accident. Neighbor Mel is then suspicious of Abby, and is soon found dead as well, electrocuted in her bath. Then, Meghan's friend Shawna, now suspecting Abby as well, threatens disclosure as the final moments of Abby's plan to replace Meghan unfold.[5] As backstory, we find that Abby had been rescued from her abusive mother by family lawyer Carter many years before, where Abby's obsession originates with the family and desire to replace Meghan as his wife.[6]


DVD release[edit]

The film was released on DVD on June 17, 2008 under the name The Sitter.[2][7]


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