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Bebe Buell and Iggy Pop  


Iggy Pop and Bebe Buell had an encounter in 1974.


Iggy Pop is a 74 year old American Musician. Born James Newell Osterberg on 21st April, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, he is famous for Frontman for Iggy and The Stooges.. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Bebe Buell is a 68 year old American Singer. Born Beverle Lorence Buell on 14th July, 1953 in Portsmouth, Virginia, she is famous for Liv Tyler's mother, Groupie of 1970`s, Playboy's Playmate of the Month November 1974. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.


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Relationship Statistics

Dating1974 - 1974
Total 1974 - 1974

In the book "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk" (p. 144-146)
"Bebe Buell: Everybody thought the stitches were really sexy. It was while Iggy was recuperating for those two days he took off Max`s that I met him for the first time at a New York Dolls concert at the Felt Forum.
Iggy was really fucked-up. Somebody had smashed him in the head with something and his head was bleeding. Nobody was paying any attention to him, people where just walking by him. [...]
Iggy was really a mess. He was strumbling and falling and ebarassing everybody. I really felt sorry for him. I thought it was sort of sad, because he was Iggy and he was really helpless. He was fucked-up and couldn`t get up. He kept banging himself and gashed himself pretty bad on the head. Blood was all over and nobody was helping him, not even David Johanssen, who was always had a big heart. David was going, "Oh fuck, this is all we need, to have Iggy fucked-up on our floor..." Todd Rundgren was going, "Leave him alone." And I was going, "No, I`m gonna go get him a rag or something."
So I went and got him a rag. I mean, it`s really corny, but I ragged his head, and Iggy said, "You really care." You know, just like in a fucking soap opera. He just went, "Wow, you really care." And I said, "Well, I don`t know you well enough to care, but if you died and I didn`t make any more records, I`d be very unhappy."
Iggy said, "Where do you live, man?" You know, like, "I like you, got an apartment, got any money?" I told him "I`m Todd`s girlfriend and we have a house on Horatio Street".
[David] said, "Bebe, he`s nodding." I said, "Oh no, he`s just really tired. he`s been on the road for a long time..."
David rolled his eyes and said, "Right, he`s tired, Bebe. Oh god, I`m outta here."
So Iggy became my boyfriend for two weeks, but I had a boyfriend, so he couldn`t really be my official boyfriend. So we had an affair, as they say in the trades, but Iggy was bummed out about Todd the whole time we dated. He didn`t like the fact that I had a boyfriend I lived with. So he made me refill the water in the waterbed - don`t ask me the significance of that."
On her book "Rebel Heart" (2001), Bebe Buell explains (p. 49-53):
[Iggy] was surprised somebody gave a damn about his head. Anyway, Todd and I went home, and I figured I`d never see Iggy again. The next day, Todd was going to San Diego to start a national tour, and I was upset because he wasn`t taking me with him. He went out to get some socks, and while I was sitting there crying, there was a knock on the door. It was Iggy. [...] Todd was not being nice to me that day becuase he thought I was acting too wild - going out too much, haning out at Max`s too much, going to see the Dolls too much. Todd came home to finish packing, and there was Iggy.
"I didn`t invite him," I told Todd, but he didn`t believe me.
"I just came over to hang out because you two are the nicest people I met last night," Iggy was saying. [...]
"You know he will steal from you because he`s a junkie, " Todd said, pulling me aside. "He`ll walk off with half the house. You really shouldn`t let him stay here. But I`m leaving now, I`m going to play some gigs, and I`m expecting you to use your best judgment in this situation." [...]
I was nuts about Iggy. I was completely wild about him. But it didn`t start off passionate and sexy. We went to a movie "Paper Moon", then ate some hamburgers, but couldn`t understand why he kept passing out all the time. He was always falling asleep. [...]
It was never a mad affair, but I`ll admit that I had a huge crush on Iggy. My mother met him and thought he was smart.
I was always very careful when it came to hard drugs, but I did snort a line of heroin once by kistake. This was with Iggy Pop in 1973. We went out for a huge Mexican meal, just the two of us. [...]
I started puking my brains out, to the point that I was so sick [...]. Iggy took my clothes off. He was going to wash them, because I had literally thrown up all over myself. So I was sitting in the tub stark naked. I was pucking and the shower was running, and Iggy was taking his hand and scooping up the vomit and putting it into a pot [...]. then he took his clothes off and got right in the tub with me to hold my hair."

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Relationship Timeline

1974 - Breakup

1974 - Hookup

1973 - Breakup

1973 - Hookup

Couple Comparison

Iggy Pop
Bebe Buell
Iggy Pop
Bebe Buell
Age (at start of relationship)
5' 7½" (171 cm)
5' 9" (175 cm)
Hair Color
Brown - Dark
Brown - Light
Eye Color
Born-Again Christian
Secular Humanist



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